Online shopping locally

Kuna hii pia, but i have never bought from them

Ile najua tu ni and

Its good for you if you want to do business and you aren’t a mbirrionaire… Yet

ninunue unga 100 halafu shipping fee ya mia mbili… kwani mimi ni wazimu

There’s a price to be paid for convenience.

aaaai hapa sioni na unga iko hapa nje ya gate kwa duka

Hununui unga pekee and there are some situations utatamani tu if there existed such a service. Ni kama vile umeingia kwa mall unabuy kila kitu including nyama na nyanya and yet apo kwako nnje ya gate kuna bucha

Online shopping works for

  1. Bulk purchases - e.g. a month’s shopping. The 300 delivery fee substitutes for convenience as well as savings on fuel and lunch/snack/outting money which usually accompanies a large shopping spree.
  2. Niche commodities that you can’t find in a physical shop near you.

Online stores are very attractive to thieves because of reduced tracking. Hakuna CCTV kwa mlango so you buy items with stolen money in peace