One of the most Economic cars in Kenya

The Toyota Ractis or what do you think?[ATTACH=full]132052[/ATTACH]

There’s a mama who claims a demio from thika road to m-road daily consumes 4k a month.

Subaru. Or Landcruiser VX V8. Bas…

A passo consumes 500 bob from nairobi to nyeri!

Inakaa kuwa na boot ndogo sana. Sipendi its shape. But kama engine inatetea mwili, isorait

Peasantry galore

watu wa xtronic 3.0L hapana tambua kitu haina mattercore

Work towards this…

Ooooo oooh and the psssssss…:D:D:D:Dturbo all the way

You’re juuuuust the guy :D:D

Mistubishi FH.

We dont care about fuel consumption. Thats How we Ball!

Aiii, No!

WUeh, and where have you crawled out from!

From where I crawled into. How is everything here?

Hehehe that’s a very apt answer

Mzito, between the outback n forester, which would you recommend.

You never did finish your hekaya, did the guy ingia box?

6 cylinder, 3000cc, very capable off-roader
Forester, 250hp
4 cylinder, turbo/non-turbo option, very capable off-roader. 170 (non-turbo), 216 (auto turbo), 227 (manual turbo).

It is cheaper to maintain a forester (non turbo) than it is to maintain an outback - also dependent on the yom.
Go for the outback. Haitakusumbua. Not that the forester will. But if you’re a turbo enthusiast, I’d then advise you to go for the turbo fozzy.

There’s a time I worked in Machakos for 3 months…that could be true. Full tank to almost zero gave me an average of 612km.Hiyo Gari hukunywa na kijiko

IShoeZu twin turbo ukishakunywa chai na ugali ya jana usiku you are good to go