One of the most Economic cars in Kenya

Chevrolet K5 Blazer Hybrid.


hehe iko hadi na spare tyre

Please dont wake up those demons. Nilizikemea.

Kizungu.dll "economical

Should be something like 6k.

its only fair you conclude!

Ulipotelea wapi madam?

Hii Kenya tu. I had to be sanely away. I can entertain some little madness now and where else other than here.

I guess congratulations to the new born @jeniffer

ok…full tank ni how many litres?

:D:D:D Leo umeanza cocktails zako mapema

ractis shape meffi

Its expected for a car that small, but a 1.5L/1.3L car as big as a fielder or premio will consume more than a 2.0L or a 1.8L midsize saloon which gives me 800 nairobi nyeri at current prices na saa hiyo nimeenda kama Joginder. base SUV’s 2.0L/2.4L like rav4 and crv give worst figures and can kill you when you are overtaking if you overestimate their abilities.

I can’t concur more than I’m concurring right now

Mkubwa, what’s the average consumption for a non turbo Forester in terms of km/litre. I intend to acquire one next month. Ahsante

Turbo one is 10-13km/litre based on the one I have. Non-turbo should be 12-16 if I’m not wrong.
Get one. You won’t go wrong.

Thanks again elder

It was a 40ltr tank

Na first car at 23 years unaweza recommend gari gani? Nitakuja kusoma after 3 years

Hehehe… Naona Omondi atakuwa kama babake, good job.

Concentrate na masomo kwanza kijana, Hii hapa chini itakufaa in the mean time.