Olunga will earn Ksh 6.6M per month


Oliech alikua Fala.

Hope this guy is making serious investment. Na sio kujenga flats Kayole.

Oliech was given similar offer in Qatar akakataa .

Aii mbona?

He preferred Europe.

He was to change his citizenship also

Oliech alisema hiyo pesa si rahisi vile mnafikiria. If your performance drops these guys reguse to pay you as per the contract

There was also the case of the French footballer Zahir something alinyimwa exit visa. Under the kafala system (sponsor) its like they own you for the entirety of the contract.
If he gets a better deal /gets bored shida yake -he’s still stuck there for those three years

Oliech alienda kutombana badala ya kucheza mpira. Who would throw millions per week to you and not expect stellar results?

Mzee @Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe niaje shoga mkuu

serious investment like what

As much as it sounds crazy I totally agree with you, the issue with Oliech is that he spent his money on women and bad investments, trusted family members entirely to make good judgement of his earnings until later when cent by cent started going through the drain. By the time he came to realize its too late and his best years had gone by. My eyebrows were raised when he came back to play for Gor, not because of the love for the game but out of desperation.

Here you go!

Yes, he is also kinda cursed and jinxed

kila mtu ako na bahati yake.

kaa parents wake wangekata acheze ball na wa insist afuate career yake ya kua Engineer, sahi angekua analipwa kitu 60k ama 100k kaa ako na bahati.

at times it might pay off to pursue one’s dreams.

Poyoloko msenge tafuta kazi ya kufanya

Auzie tu Digi hapa hio degree ya engineering …it seems useless to him now

Let him secure the bag. He is a talented player. He is still young and full of energy. Baadaye amake some good investments.

You expect to paid millions of money and then not perform?? How now??