Of young men hitting on older women!

First of all, I am #team_momo. Yeah, big and proud of it. Second, I am @FieldMarshal CouchP age. What has become of young boys? I cant have my peace in my country? From my recently employed colleague who I think is kedo 26, to my taxi driver, to my mechanic, to my neighbor who has a very young family, now the gardener! Why hit on a woman your mum’s age? What do you see in the one who is approaching retirement? Aren’t there many girls at your disposal who can suit you? Mind you I am one serious woman. I don’t go smiling at any cat and mouse I pass by. Kwanza their xaxa lingo is unbearable. AAARRGGGHHH. I am tired of being hit by young boys (ben 10)[ATTACH=full]7380[/ATTACH] , very tired.

Mbisha ndio hiyo, me feeding my kitty :wink:


Ben 10 ? :smiley: anyway am presently having a fling with a woman ten years my senior but am not the xaxa generation she is 43yrs and her sex drive is turbo charged damn

Lol pole …sijui nacheka kwanini at least you are not looking to settle :D:D, maybe they are after money or being pampered …
U can imagine when you are heading to your 30’s and 23-25 yr old guys …want to seriously date you :(:frowning:

iko kitu hatujui apa…kuna kitu inavruta hawa vijana(ben 10s)…ata mimi nimetuma official application…nimejirusha kwenye hii kinyanganyiro


Blame @FieldMarshal CouchP for that, he is getting handjobs from 29year olds, that kinda pushes the younglings in your direction. Just say yes.

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Older women don’t ask for salon money, rent, drinks over the weekend etc so maybe that’s why.


…they dont hit at any other woman, wana target yao…read ‘financially stable’… ebu try addressing them like ‘you are just like my son’ mtu ana akili zake atajua hiyo ni dismissal.

shit kumbe kuna senior citizens wengi hapa.
Am also attracted to older mature women sijui kwanini

I have difficulty dealing with the younger ones. they want me to see them as goddesses while the dont measure up to the local whores in any sense.


I think you nailed it. Chics between 20 - 27 are serious high maintenance. The boys in that age bracket cant keep them happy (financially at least). Older women wont want to be at Crooked Qs or mercury every other night. They will just want to be serviced and left in peace.

Also @Guru, you might just be a really attractive lady even if you are as old as our local WWII veteran @FieldMarshal CouchP :smiley:
So momo or not, guys will want to hit that.



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I like this, if those pink handles are for real, am impressed. since 2008 I have dated more than 5 mamas of the same descriptions as above. hawa watu ni stress free. f*ck buddies. NSA!

U must be one hot MILF…

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older women don’t have weird financial demands. they are straight to the point since they know what they want they dont want you guessing like you are some fortune teller. halafu the experience you get from them is GOLD

Certified toyboy;)

would gladly hit on one. lakini not a married one sitaki boma ziharibike juu yangu.

I’ll introduce you to a snow Leopard;)

If she’s guka’s agemate, doesn’t that make her a hot GIFL?

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You can say that again. I think I have tried to ‘maintain’ this momo body.