Of young men hitting on older women!

Niko son! :wink:


older women are motherly…and since you get the nini and therefore she is also a galfriend/f mate/wife (pick accordingly) the cocktail gives you unrivaled experience. Your KU girlfriend wont match her in most aspects … maybe only in dancing to new music like amarulah by roberto… and thats all.


Most of you miss your mamas equal.

I have been thinking what’s the experience would be like? Me, Guru, fifty fae years, naked with a twendy seven years old, but again, I wouldnt mind the thrill - wait a minute, is menopause on me for real? now again, CWA Chairperson, how do I look at my Priest during Eucharist? Will the twendy seven like it, he should coz I have been continuously on kegel exercises, AAARRGGGHHH!!! This thought is killing me… HELP!!



Hahaha @Guru am not thaaat old (not yet 30) but get hit on by teenagers and guys in their early 20s. And no, I dont look 14. I just have this bad behavior that makes me look like I care. I tend to listen to people’s problems. Then I find myself as a target for hounds

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how would you look at your priest? as you have been every day since you began attending church. you are an adult who is not answerable to anyone na 27 si mtoto he is an adult too. nothing wrong with two consenting adults doing their thing as long as they don’t infringe on others’ space


Its not as easy as you think …kujitetea nayo :D:D:D:D

@Deorro Please dont take me there. I have been holding this urge for long!

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Thats it, giving people your ear and being taken wrongly.

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Reminds me of the movie: How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

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don’t die horny. go give some ben ten the experience of his life. he will be forever grateful to you. remember how Christian Grey had some mad respect for Mrs Robinson in Fifty shades of grey?

There are some mama’s in this village who need some serious dicking by a young stud to release sexual tension. They act so strung up and if am not wrong I suspect it’s due to sexual frustration.

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sio kujitetea lets face reality

So, what do ya suggest? a k-talk orgy?

after a good young guy is done you will be forgiven for thinking it was an orgy


Dont worry ma’am what you need is some hot steamy sex with a young lad like me, i assure you the experience would be heavenly…

@Guru,Fifty fae is not a bad number.I can imagine which lines to use on you,Maybe take you for a mugithi night and politely demand for rights when under the influence of Murats…