October 26th Declared a public holiday so that we vote

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There will be no sitting in boardrooms to negotiate and share government. Kenyans have the right to decide who will be their president. https://t.co/944fDzxbdM
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Nachukua sick off leo io job narudi 31st Oct.
RWNBP is coming to a reality

Utopia thinking bwana development record.

Umepona maini ama inazidi kuungua? Sema Tano tena!!

Mmekuwa mkijiongelesha na kujipigia kifua. Wakora judges nne, thugs 50 wa violent riots and kelele in kidogo sana. Time to face the people and the ballot. That’s is the one thing the opposition dreads the most in Kenya. One thing for sure Jubilee is here for +20 years.

Tell your bosses to prove to us staunch supporters that serikali iko imara

Chineke. This will be a showdown of sorts, to be or not to be!



Naona nikipitia jela, some ninjas murdered my cousin huko matunda,moi’s Bridge leo nimekua postmortem, I feel like ventilating on someone.

Eish! Pole kaka kwa msiba. Kwani kuliendaje, aliuliwa na majambazi au ni wasee mnajua?


Very true. For Example, Baba Machungwa was run down by a guzzler during demontreshen and taken to KNH. The wife in an interview with KTNchieth said that musee was still writhing in pain with no money for treatment while the cordinator wao huku kariobangi amezima simu. Meanwhile, sponsor JB’s home is invaded by recce armed with a search warrant and everybody, including the one and the only RAT rush there ans even spend the night.

Pole afisa. Halafu hizo postmortem ni ni horror movie in 3D, i don’t think i can be able to witness.


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@culture tunanunua kilo ngapi tuone hawa wasee wakienda kuvote?

Me nitakuwa na mzinga ya Neon nikiangalia kwa balcony this joke of an event called an election.

Or they call for maandamano, they come in their tinted cars, windows up, wanjiku runs after the car chanting. Teargas is fired and the tinted cars speed off, ole wako wanjiku. . . .chocke to death, come across a rungu who cares?

This guy is just playing with our psychology.Kutupea hopes haziko…On that issue of govt he and @nuttydread refrains from and in my view they also see some weakness somewhere.

akina @pamba siku hizi wamechange tactic, they are firing into the V8 directly, gari inajaa moshi