October 26th Declared a public holiday so that we vote

Lakini Pamba as an officer you surely do worry me. If wewe uko na hii mentality and you are part of the security apparatus aiii

He slept with his shoes on…just in case kuharibike kwa ndoto


Do you come from Nyahururu by any chance? That guy is a cult leader and if you support him then you are of a questionable character.

Main suspect alledge that he just collapsed and but the postmortem has disclosed death by strangulation.

Stop q

Stop quoting me ovyo ovyo, kuna jubilee sycophants we do exchange extreme views na hawacatch feelings including the owner of this thread, politics is not life, na kama umekasirika go hug a hedgehog, meff, puthy

Chief that was a very polite statement I made so either unaumwa na tumbo which can really make someone be in a pissy mood ama uko na kautoto fulani. Emotions na drama wachia Joho na Miguna

As I said I’ve got more jubilee friends than nasa friends here in ktalk, don’t think we’re all anonymous here sioni wakicatch feelings but addressing me by using my profession won’t be taken lightly, at first place the owner of this thread ndio angeleta feelings, to cup it all na kuona kwa umbali, niwache.

Tulia afande

Pole mukhwasi, small brother told me

Safi mwalimu

Umeteremuka eldy, hapana sahau fomous grouse, Ile ilinisort vilivyo.

Askari khanga watakaa kama raia

4am Kesho

Safe journey sir

If you are a raia enjoy your holidays, some of us, this ‘holidays’ means being extra vigil. It doesn’t apply to the security sector, actually it’s definition is extra work.

pole Omwami, nahope hakuna vurugu huko hiyo ni isolated incident

Niaje wakanyama, how, how do you manage multasking all those handles?

Siku hizi hapitii pale choppers ya Tom mboya kuchukua take away, alitembelewa mifuko juzi yawa.