Obama visit

About 200 secret service have arrived in preparation for the coming of the big man. Bill clinton has also arrived ahead of him to tour projects funded by his foundation. Kenyan judiciary is also doing its part and have ordered the govt to register gay and lesbian NGO through a court ruling. The move sparked celebration to gay commnuity but has angered kenyan churches. My question is why US is promoting of homosexuality in africa? and what do they want to gain?

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Kama my ass is not on the line sina shida, I don’t understand them but let them be.Lakini wasituletee pda wafanye chini ya mawaba.

hiyo swali ni ngumu sana…just play safe and keep your buttocks away from the likes of @uwesmake

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@Web Dev = dean room 254… = gay

I fail to understand why the west is putting too much emphasis in this gay agenda…there are more important things to deal with in the world than sexual orientation.

I’ve never really understood this clamor for their rights. Swali moja mimi huwa nalo: which office is this that yo have ever gone to that makes it a prerequisite to know your sexual orientation prior to obtaining service?


Hio agenda was driven home long time ago hao ni kukuja tu kusisitiza !

Kwanza huyu Obama anakuja kuleta traffic jams, kufungwa kwa streets within tao and even highways ni kama kenya ni colony ya US. Huu ni ukoloni mambo leo, that day will be a holiday for anyone who works/ uses roads in places he will be visiting.

Kindly give me an example of the discrimination that they claim to face. That’s all I ask.

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They certainly face a lot of discrimation if they come out mainly on a social perspective…but i think this advocacy is really a case of misplaced priorities.

But I dont get it, If I have a foot fetish , I will not go about shouting to people that have nothing to do with it, I will indulge in that fetish kivyangu bila kusumbua watu huko nje


There are several examples…but let me give you one. Gays may suffer anal sores or abrasions in the anus due to friction during sex and are usually advised to use lube. Even where Lube is used they could still develop anal sores due to friction which makes defecation painful and could lead to bleeding. Problem comes when they seek treatment in health facilities…Most health PROFESSIONALS refuse to give treatment when they discover the abrasions/anal sores are due to anal sex.

Wacha kusema most health professionals, name specific ones. To the best of my little knowledge, it is against the law to deny medical treatment to anyone who needs it.

The Thika level 5 hospital health professionals (I can’t recall their names)…But it was well known that they were stigmatizing gays. Actually an NGO (cant remember the name) sponsored by USAID opened a clinic for Gays next to the Thika stage and hired a clinical officer. In addition the clinic offers extra lubricated condoms and lube specifically for the gays.

No I don’t. That’s why I asked.

Aha, I get it. Now, did those who were denied service on the basis of their sexuality ever report it?

Even here in our humble village…it struck me that villagers take offence when uwesmake and crew troll their threads by calling people gay.Now would somebody really take offence if uwes claimed you were straight…most would stand tall in pride…we have a deep seated discriminatory attitude toward gays as a community.

The problem with this ‘crew’ as you call them is trolling, period. The issue of their or our sexual orientation is just that, a ruse.

Yes… this was reported to Dr Mwangi (current CEC for health Kiambu county) who was the then Medical Superintendent but his solution was to allow USAID to sponsor an NGO which would set up a clinic for gays that would be supplied with drugs from KEMSA through Thika level five hospital. Which in short is discrimination.