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Ok. In matters health, the Med Supt is by no means the senior-most authority. If his (it’s a he in this case) decision was unsatisfactory, why not escalate the case to his seniors?

Look, you asked for an example of discrimination against gays and I gave you…actually a situation they have been denied a constitutional right (right to health care). If that isn’t discrimination I don’t know what is. Here is a link to the contacts for the thika gay clinic…their contacts are listed there… you can call and ask further. Your reasoning is moronic and cast in stone so I am not discussing this further.

No need to get hot under the collar mister, this discussion was in good faith. I’ll have you know that I have worked in that clinic as well as others elsewhere and have no problem with it or their clients.

The point I wanted you to see is that problems aren’t solved by running away from them but rather by confronting them head on. That model of NGO-provided care is unsustainable in my opinion, they’d have been far better if they’d fought for a systemic overhaul even if that involved seeking legal redress. If they used the courts to lobby for recognition/registration of their umbrella body I feel they should have used the same courts to sue the specific person or facility that denied them care and once a legal precedent had been set (case law that is) believe you me no one else would ever have dared denied care to any other on account of their sexuality.

Now, if you would be kind enough to withdraw that insult I’d be one happy fellow.

no need to get worked up dr i simply walk away when a listing turns personal or goes south and insults start flying…

Roger that! :slight_smile:

They could not follow that path because there was no discrimination in the first place, it was a lie to help them set up a homosexual brothel in the name of a clinic.

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Ara, atí atía?:eek:

sasa hii inasaidia na nini?!?

So who cares? Gays wanapenda harufu ya mavi .
Soon wankers too wata taka recogntion ! Waseme hawataki kuwa discriminated:(
( smd )shaking my dick as I wank away.

The thing about this gay shiet is that as long as they dont mess with my freedom to wank and fcuk (ladies and women of course) then I dont care what they do with the others butthole.

I saw this I remembered my pal operates a taxi biz and he gets alot of work from USAID, last year he was given business to carry some 100 gay
delegates (from diff countries )from JKIA to Kasarani sportsview hotel…he was giving as the story how he had never seen gays in his life

Lets say a guy is called Peter ,but he would speak like a gal…he said ni venye the money he was getting was good , he would never do that kind
of biz again. So yes USA does push the gay agenda , gays have rights as people but they should not push their sexual orintation down our

Since gayism is the devils agenda, …i just pray that they may change

I`m yet to meet a wanker who wants any Recognition. Hehehehehh…
The only right Wankers are fighting for is the Right to Privacy na labda a reduction in the price of Vaseline.Thats it!

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Exactly …kila mtu akae na mashida zake in private!

There is “no point for me to see” I don’t refute that when aggrieved one should seek legal redress. When mugged, raped, discriminated or whatever, you are entitled to justice. If the authority/ person/institution responsible to ensure that you get that justice fails on its part, it doesn’t mean you WEREN’T raped, mugged discriminated or whatever. Which brings me to my point. You asked for an example of discrimination against the gays -which I gave- you further asked for specific names and I provided more details, you then twisted it into a “problems aren’t solved by running away” discussion which is clearly not based on the premise. At that point I doubted the logic behind your reasoning.

If it helps you get some sleep…I withdraw the insult


Anyway Obama anakuja mpende msipende na here he is organising his itenerary.



So that they can politicize the country along nonsense issues such as gay rights and marriage and other trivial shit while they steal and fuck with kenyan lives. Were it not fot this United states, garrissa students and others wouldnt have died. 90% of wars in the world have roots in the yankee empire.

So that we trivialize important social issues and focus onstupid issues. That way anything can be done with the people. Americans vote along the lines of gay rights movements and issues about middle east. At home, problems such as escalating homelessness and destitution are never mentioned. Its easier to rule people by taking their attention to trivial matters while ignoring the elephant in the room. Ross kemp has done some work on destitution below.


And in UK



your son’s ass will be on the line!

your son’s ass will be on the line!