NYC man puts police officer in a Chokehold


The skirmish occurred on July 1 in the Bronx, when a pair of officers were trying to arrest a suspect who resisted being put into their police car, while the crowd was bullying and taunting the officers. When one of the officers charged to detain another man, the suspect put him in a headlock or chokehold – a controversial tactic for which police are often criticized, and which is about to be banned in New York City.

If the man was black, the police would have shot him dead.

You really are a dumbass. That’s a Latino, a minority and just as likely to get shot as a black man.

And FYI more whites are often shot by cops than blacks ever are.

In 2020 alone whites shot by cops are double the number of blacks shot by cops.


Whites are 70 percent of the population. Whites are undershot by police and blacks are overshot just based on their respective proportions in the demographics. Whites should be shot at 70% of the population if the police was fair. And as for Latinos, those people have more priviledge because of their lighter skin tone and straight hair than blacks

ingekuwa mtu mweusi, tazer ingetembea halafu wambane kwa magoti yao shingoni mwake. Asakamwe mpaka afe.

First of all your last point is rubbish because everyone can tell the difference between a Latino and a mzungu from their dress code to the hairstyle to the way the cut they beards down to their unique walking styles.

Plus Latinos live in their own bocks, communities, slums. That is where the cops shoot them. Every community or race has their neighborhoods with cops that know those neighborhoods well enough and patrol those neighborhoods.

Secondly yes you are right blacks are only 12% of the population but they are also involved in over 70% of the crimes!!

That is why they are shot more often. That is why they are in jail.

Obama made it his policy to kill that narrative. That is why you never see videos or documentaries of blacks in the hood anymore.

The narrative has been changed that blacks don’t commit crime nowadays. The Democrats and their media have decided to bury their heads in the sand.

Nowadays the narrative is that blacks are innocent fellows who are shot by cops.

Remember the TV show COPS?

Obama made sure that such TV shows will never be made again because those videos were politically incorrect or politically insensitive.

Hata utafute YouTube, you won’t find recent videos of black on black violence!

Cameras have been banned from the hood.

But the reality is that blacks are still very much involved in selling drugs to breakins to drivebys to homicide . And in fact if the police patrolled black neighborhoods more, then they would probably shoot many more blacks.

In many cases you would need an army tank to enter some black and Latino neighborhoods to arrest a criminal, because if you go in as an ordinary cop with your ordinary gun you won’t make it out.

And it’s amazing how the fake news media has muzzled this narrative. Yet the same media was responsible for creating the myth of the black boogeyman in the 90s.

In the 90s the cop was superman, today cops are portrayed as the boogeymen especially because Trump is President and cops represent the govt.

Meanwhile crime continues as usual :

That’s the narrative that these liberal activists want you to believe,that crime in the black ghettos iliisha kabisa. And they portray the cops as the new enemy of the people.

Back in the day the cops were the good guys today they are the bad guys. Same media different day.

These Democrats and their media are playing with forces they will not be able to control.

And I believe that these Democrats want the cops to be demoralised and quit entirely so the govt. is left vulnerable. Dirty politics.

But Trump is fighting back with his own narrative. He is holding roundtables on race and policing almost every week. This was a few hours ago :

More UNARMED BLACKS are shot by Police than whites as a proportion on the total population.

Blacks are only 13% of US population yet 223 were killed by police yet Whites are Whites are 60% yet Only 457 were shot

Do you math before you start praising your gods, House Kneeger

Patcos argument that Hispanics are not actually white.Latino means someone from south Americas and central america who speak Spanish some are mestizo,black and even purely white.Latino is not a particular race.Most Mestizos can pass for white the other European Americans just want to bar people from Latin countries coming to america.

Saw a sarcastic map on how america views white world,no Spain but there was Egypt ,Ethiopia,Eastern Mediterranean in Israel.

Anyway all I saw there was niggerly behavior it’s not justifiable.

Back in the day cops were the good guys:D:D:D:DIf you could pass for white but I adore your support for trump.Trump on,Trump away.

[SIZE=5]Blacks are involved in a disproportionate percentage of crimes. That is a fact!

Blacks are 13% of the population but they are involved in over [/SIZE][SIZE=6]70% of U.S crimes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]That is the narrative the media has killed. [/SIZE]

Every year blacks shoot over 3000 fellow blacks in crime related events. Every year U.S blacks kill more blacks than the number of U.S soldiers killed in any single year in Iraq in the 2000s. It’s a war zone. In some cities more blacks are shot and killed every night than the casualties of the worst gunfights recorded in Vietnam decades ago. But those facts are hidden by the fake news media.

Today cops are portrayed as the worst enemies. In the 90s Biden came up with the three strikes laws which included militarizing cops.

And these guys gave billions to the police in funding so they could be tough on crime. Today they turn around and now they want to defund the police.

In the 90s every news piece featured a black woman shouting that cops are not doing enough.

Today it’s a young black woman kneeling with fist raised to the sky, BLM. Changing optics. Changing narratives.

:D:D:D unaniita house nigger na vile unakuwaga anti blacks??? Kweli nyani haoni kundule.

Do you know if a white man and a black man with absolutely clean background and similar Credit score for to a car dealership to buy the same car or bank for a mortgage for a similar house the black guy is slapped with higher interest rates. Deny this and I will post 5 undercover videos of such event.

Blacks are in that situation because they have been disadvantaged for centuries

I am not talking about the millionaire Cubans in Florida who are white enough to pass, I am talking about the ‘Mehicans’, the vatos and their low riders.

This is a White Cuban. Miami Cubans are normally counted as Whites or White Hispanics.

And this below is a Latino. The word Latino in the U.S is more related to Mexicans. And this guy below is a stereotypical cholo. Bald head, black ink, gang member, low rider… gangster. Found mainly in L.A. and draw their history back to their Indian roots.

A cholo from L.A refers to a white Cuban as a whitewashed Latino.

(But that doesn’t mean that Cubans don’t have their own gangsters.)

And the Mexicans have their own gangs and routinely engage in turf wars with other races especially blacks. Mnajifanya hamjui ilhali mnajua hii maneno.

Mnajifanya mmesahau? @Tony254 you can’t tell the difference between these guys and ordinary whites is what you’d like me to believe?

Do percentages based on population!!!

Na huyo wa camera na matusi mingi anafaa kofi moto na mijeledi

kwani are you illiterate , hujui story za fractions , ratios , percentages , empiricals …etc etc

Wacheni kutroll. Hizi ni zile handle kama za @marine1 .

I have posted 4 or 5 threads with data from the FBI including those showing population proportions and all indicate that Blacks commit more crime.