Number of coronavirus cases in the United States reaches one million


Deaths are down by half

Mbona africa hatuna large numbers kama za hawa developed cuntries?

1 million confirmed cases means 40-80 million Americans have contracted the virus since late 2019. Hawa wanaelekea herd immunity in a few months once over half to 70% of the population gets it.

Kwani you’re feeling left out?!! Si you thank God! :smiley:

That was bait for muricans and you came along. What i meant was, why are the numbers low in africa despite our ‘caution
to the wind’ attitude,shouldn’t africa be empty by now?

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Kenyans prayed and fasted fervently over this issue.

Omba Mungu Sana tusipate

I believe Africa tukona ugonjwa mingi na vile tunakua na alot of vaccination tukiwa watoi we end up getting strong immunity. Cases za kenya upto 95% zimekua mild ata wasee kaa ule driver anasema hafeel kukua mgonjwa. No symptoms, si ajabu tunaezakua nao wengi but kujua ni ngumu juu symptoms hazijitokezi. Enw tushukuru kwa wingi.

@Tom Bayeye there’s no comeback from this superior logic:D

Italy,the second home of christianity yet they got the short end of the stick. So much for having god on your side

:DEnyewe there should be a font for sarcasm kama hiyo ilikupita

Hii nikama kusema innocent Until proved guilty, yaani uko nayo, kifo iko area mnacheza to hide, cz i am sick, instead of hide and seek

Spar of the moment sir,a thousand apologies. Hawa wakiritho wanasumbua mimi:D

Africa has few cases because:-
Few people came to Africa in Jan.from China. If you compare the % of the 5 million people travelling from China to Africa. Majority went to Europe and USA. Infact the first cases in Europe were Chinese tourist.

Secondly, Kenyans pressured the government to take the issue more serious in early February. If we hadn’t, the case would have been different. People from abroad who refused to abide to self isolation rules ndio walituangusha, like DG for Kilifi. Their stupid should be punished.

Thirdly, EUROPE and USA didn’t take the virus seriously. UK tried herd immunity. And most of them didn’t quarantine or new arrival. They also didn’t contact trace as kenya is doing.

The Romans practice Apostate religion not the true gospel

but roman religion is the original. christianity found hellenism established.

What I mean is that they diluted the gospel of Jesus Christ

Im assuming you are of the offshoot christianity…you know,anglican walijam ju walikataa nduthi na kutomba altar boyz then pentecostal wakaona mkurugenzi mmoja haitoshi,musambwa akona ferk it,let me be the boss,pasta owuor akaona wacha akue sir god mwenyewe. Now tell me my good sir,which is the true gospel religion?. They all use the good book dont they? Wakiristu simsikizane tu

Some have gone fully astray and they must be called out for such. Like the Owuors or the Catholics