Not everyone should be a landlord

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He has given an example of other areas people can focus on for income generation,he wasn’t stuck to it like people want to insinuate in the comment section.He means diversify…one can make good money from other avenues too not just real estate

I agree with him. There is some money in farming but guys do not want to put in some hard work. It is also rewarding and you will never sleep hungry. Rona or no Rona.
Ghai what went wrong with Suraya? they were swimming in money a few years ago…but there are many others like them who have made a killing by conning clueless diasporians. Kuna watu watajinyonga in years to come.

I know a guy selling useless land to shineyes in diaspora… the guy buys the land for a song…divides it and sells it four-fold…guys in diaspora wafanye due diligence… Send someone over to find out the location of the land and access it’s value… otherwise mtalia premium tears.

Trudat. If it was not for my late dad I would be a victim as a sucker for land investment. He taught me a lot…he would ask me a few questions like who owns the land originally, why does the deal sound so good? it chanuad me…but a lot of my friends will sink.
Kuna a new company based in Quatar currently touting buy 2 plots get 1 free atee somewhere in Laikipia…atee what? where?mhhhhhh
Most of these briefcase investors come here, book posh venues in all the major towns where Kenyans reside…complete with their presentations. They seem to be working in cahoots with some banks huko as you can open an account on the day…heaven for our Kenyan conmen.

Hahahaha hii nairobi zii buy 2 get 1 free shamba

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Hahahahaha I pity those that bought offplan huko Kiambu areas like Kikuyu…wooooooi.

Done!!! That is how I do my business thinking!!

@Azor Ahai come u expound on this na usisahau bakora:D

Kenya Kila mtu antaka kua slumlord.

Ifikie wazazi pia with the dreams they have


Guru wa real estate @Azor Ahai we welcome your input

The famous “Amenunua plot na kujenga” will end up like “ameeka simu ya jamii” or “amefungua MPESA”. Investments that were curtailed by Kenyan’s culture of copycatting

I doubt…demand is definately there but landlords should know their target market. Hapa uthiru na kawangware naona wengine wameweka 2bedrooms za 60k a month!

His views are very simplistic and looks at a near worst case scenario for real Estate and best case/very optimistic scenario for the farmer .
What he doesn’t tell you is that farming is a full time job ambayo haiwezi fanywa remotely and dairy farming is one if not the most stressful ventures out there .


Watu wenye hawakufanya farming growing up especially dairy farming ndio huwa wanaruka ruka kuhusu farming. Requires a lot of dedication to succeed .

@Sambamba as usual umeongea kama watu kumi

Mwenye ameshindwa na rental zake aje inbox. I have a few mirrions to spare. You pay off your loan and I take the headache off your hands. Win/win