North Rift Joint Operation Has Failed. RUTO Is More Incompetent Than His Teacher MOI.

Everyday day they are butchering kids and government workers. The operation is being led by an idiot named Kindiki who is first warning the bandits to evict the caves by a certain day because bombings will follow.

Serikali ya mwizi has zero competent persons unlike previous governments.

People used to think highly of RUTO but as the days go by he is reveling a high degree of incompetence. From tribal appointments to a failed economy.

Raila 8s going to clean the floor with RUTO as the rag. After 5 consecutive Mondays laden with chaos, the pressure from all side will force Jambas to concede.

Lazima Jambas atii

[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]RUTO MUST GO[/SIZE]

Operation iki fail shida ni rais ama jeshi?

The president as commander in chief takes responsibility. In war when a country loses war he is disposed. Classic example when russian lost a war against Japan. The king was overthrown. Akatupwa Siberia.

I said here this guy is the tail end Idiot bonobo in the world. Bure Kabisa. Ngombe ici

Really! Where does the bug stop

Minister for Interior should be a no nonsense type of person. The likes of Natembea, sio some Sunday School teacher obsessed with Military uniforms

Ruto has never taken responsibility for anything. He will blame Kindiki for his failure

Natembeya will fail too.

Chief bandits live in Nairobi and they are in government. First step should be to kill them and then rest will surrender. Even if we kill all the bandits, the bandit financiers in Nairobi will recruit other foot soldiers.

To finish banditry kill the financiers and the laibons. Does anybody belief an illiterate Pokot has the ability to import Asks from Sudan? How?

NIABM @Ndindu

Hata Natembea mdomo ni mingi kushinda kazi.

You fakin fagget

Kiongos nitupie through pass ya soft meat from one of your harem. Damage isipite 250.

Niaje ng’ombe ino.


Kuna mtu ananunua hii shati?
Haki waafrika tumedharauliwo

Mluhya mjinga mumama. Which bug are you talking about? Kiroboto ama mende?

Now that you mentioned it, hakuna siku jamaa ashawahi kubali responsibility. It is always someone’s else fault and that ain’t really a good attribute in a leader.

I said here that a purely military offensive will not bring lasting peace to the North Rift, because the problem is more complicated than simply taking out cattle thieves. That’s the easy part. It’s no problem to KDF, coz it’s what they’re trained to do. But rebuilding the affected communities and sustaining peace is a difficult, non-military, task.
The community leaders need to be involved, so that they can feel the weight of personal responsibility when peace is disrupted in their specific areas. They have to aid in gathering intelligence, and recruiting reliable local people who can help the military strategize. Armed strangers going in with guns blazing will only destroy the empty land with bombings, create hordes of IDPs, and make more people hostile to the government initiative.

@Ndindu mea futhiiii,you complain too much