North Rift Joint Operation Has Failed. RUTO Is More Incompetent Than His Teacher MOI.

Hii Shati ya bonobo inakaa poa

You can all tell banditry activities have only increased with this said operation.
To eradicate crime, and this time banditry, you begin with intelligence. You can tell they are led by emotions rather than logic and intelligence. The orders kindiki give tells of someone who doesn’t even understand what’s happening.

Taking artillery to people who who are herders during the day and turn to thugs at night was the height of madness.


Kuna vitu nyingi kwa ground that you all spectators won’t understand. For example, this operation has been painted to look like pokotis are the only bandits, and that anyone else is a victim. In actual fact, Marakwets, Turkanas, Samburus are bandits too. It’s only that Pokotis are more aggressive, lethal, organized, courageous, and know how to retaliate. Whenever police shoot their cattle, they always retaliate by killing police. When marakwet shoot at children/women, they will kill children and women too.

The govt opt to realize it’s very easy to create an insurgency out of some of its senseless decisions.

Saasa…kwani jeshi huzorota in an a few weeks or months…hii ni kitu imekuwa iki build up for years or decades…ruto ameinherit kile amepata.

Juzi imekua declared that the u.k hasnt had a ready fighting force for yonks…did they blame it on sunak?

Do they sack football managers or players

@Gaza pitia hapa

Dont even go there. Nothing to compare and or contrast.

Give it time

baba panya

so mumeamua aje ?

Yap. His entire career he has managed to hide his failures behind someone.

This time he is in the limelight and people expect results. Blame games loading.

Intelligence ilishafanywa kitambo sana na the " rustler friendly " , overpowered resident ASTU+ other security organs kisha tips zikapeanwa kwa KDF.

All hideouts were exposed so ni kubomoa tu.
Media wamepewa blackout so ni speculations tu. The operation is very intense, high calibre bombs are flattening those caves rustlers hide in to shield themselves during raids & retaliation so next time itakua rahisi kufikiwa.

Na 250 nunua arimis utombe mkono

Hivyo ndivyo hufanya wakati khupipi amenyima wewe hio shimo yako na hauna pesa ya kwenda tagged.

Like I said before … this is a war you cannot win. You can win the battle … but not the war. As it stands … we are winning the battle, fuckin’ with ya’ll whenever and however we feel like. All the while “We” the “financiers” are sitting pretty good in our big houses and upscale apartments … minting millions of your taxpayers money … selling both real and perceived intelligence to your government depending on what time of the day it is. Paid to keep the peace and help ensure your matha’fuckin sons don’t get slaughtered. See ya’ll should be fucking thanking rustlers family and others like us. We can easily walk you to a massaccre if we choose to … we control the narrative. Good thing your paying good change. But again … like we made it clear to your people, we cannot fully control rustlers pale ground or the outcome of any given active scenario but only use our influence to help mitigate or prevent shit from getting out of hand. We the stakeholders have also made it clear beyond any reasonable doubt where our loyalty lies if they cross the line and it turns out to be a war against us as a people instead of banditry … which as they found out very fast there is a thin line between the two. Those two are intertwined and hard to separate one from the other … presenting a major headache for the joint command and control. The military has been very categorical on its involvement insisting they are not willing to be bogged down in a endless tribal war and is commiting limited human resource acting only as a back up force, commiting more on aerial firepower and heavy artillary. The police who are the lead force and under extreme pressure from the executive to deliver results are up in arms bitching about lack of adequate support from the military … but the Generals are sticking to their guns. There is discontent among the ranks pale joint command on how best to approach the all situation. As far as we are concerned, this is a blessing in disguise for us. Its about time we get the attention we deserve. Tutasumbua hadi we get equal treatment has everybody else, until they build roads, schools, hospitals, water, electricity and all othe basic amentities. We will fight when we need to, retreat when necessary but we will not relent; we will make this one count. Heshima lazma itadumu roundi hii. You cannot fight an ideology indoctrinated to a people since birth with bullets. They cannot win this … not by the gun. They will have to totally obliterate us a apeople in order to do that.