NMG, I Told You, Stop the Endless Raila Headlines.............Now See

On the same day Bikozulu’s blog managed to collect over 6m for Jadudi, a young Kenyan with a brain tumour, NMG announced a fall in profits.

If NMG had put up the appeal I doubt they would even have reached the 1m target.

But I guess NMG will continue with its endless Raila This, Raila That headlines, forgetting one stark reality; THE MAIN MARKET FOR ANY CONSUMER GOODS IN KENYA IS NAIROBI AND WHAT IS CALLED THE CENTRAL KENYA REGION - the counties of Nakuru, Machakos, Kiambu, Nyandarua, Nyeri, Murang’a, Embu, Meru, Tharaka-Nithi, and Kirinyaga.

If consumers in these regions get pissed with you you are ferked. NMG seems to have a death wish. Am giving them five years.

Kwanza wacha Dennis Chebitweiy ang’oe ads za serikali tuone.



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Part of the reason I stopped buying newspapers, I wondered what goes on in the heads of these editors when they put political stories on the headlines day in day out like there are no other issues affecting Kenyans. While at the same time the politicians are driving the country to the dogs by their greed and corruption. Stupid media.


But you gentlemen forget that elections are coming soon and watu wa magazeti will be in booming business once more.


You are sensational and missing the point big time lakini haidhuru.

So would you rather they display Kamwana’s picture on the front page everyday? And in any case, are you sure they display Rao’s stories on their cover on a daily basis? Hapo unatudanganya though I agree with you that NMG and other Kenyan newspapers will struggle to maintain readership in the coming years.

Nowadays hakunaga news…kwanza KTN…jeez. If it aint alcohol killing peeps, its endless talk of rowdy politicians matching away from interviews.

Kwanza the coming of POTUS and all the freaking hullabaloo was a bore to me.

Theres never anything on development


True NMG & other like-minded newspapers are all doomed.

I challenge any of you who has not gone to Bikozulu’s blog to do so - that’s the kind of writing I would like to see in our newspapers. A prominent alcoholic who is struggling to kick the habit. The diary of a fat girl trying to grow thin. Etc etc

Hii maneno ya endless siasa imechosha mpaka Obama bana…


Or a fossil trying to be accepted in the world of the living. That would be such a moving story.

Just Kidding.

True Biko Zulu is the best. I’m subscribed once I get the notification I stop what I’m doing to read it first.



Probably, you are not an avid reader of the Daily Nation. There’s more than the siasa. Wacha sisi tuendelee kununua gazeti juu ya tenders and contracts. :slight_smile:

Irony -----> Jackson Biko (BikoZulu) writes articles for Saturday Nation


Very true alot i shappening in the republic of kenya, in terms of development, na wao bado tu all they can cover ni politicians criss-crossig the country. I was in Nyandarua the other day and they have very gud technology for growing crops. If it can be adopted everywhere, pple would have more shillings in thier pockets.


guka every dimwit has an opinion.
just like they have an…

The likes of @highschooler is what is bringing these dailies down. Why should I waste my 60 bob while I know I will get it online?

Niaje agemate?

Bicko zulu is an NMG employee

Standard usually has two to four obituary ads. Nation Ni the home of obituary ads. One reason in the dip Ni highschooler

yes kwani hujui?