NMG, I Told You, Stop the Endless Raila Headlines.............Now See

I read Mutuma mathiu’s rant in the paper today, and the threat to GoK in the last paragraph and laughed out loudly everyone in the matatu thought nimeshikika na mademoni…

No! No! No! Please let this not be true.

Which technology is this you are talking about ?. I also don’t read newspapers.

Elimisha sisi.

Put on the front page the photos of the Bungoma kids staring at disability in the face due to medical malpractice. Push for those responsible to be held to account, not feed us with politics while so much is going wrong everywhere.

This kind of thinking is what keeps this country in a campaign mood for years on end.

Elections are coming soon when? That should only be stated Jan 2017.

I am aware of this. I am just stating the reality of how these newspaper guys will play games to keep selling.

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