Njaruo Obama now wants slave reparations for blacks!

[SIZE=5]In 2008 this same njaruo said that giving slave reparations to blacks was a terrible idea but after he recently saw Trump talking of the $500 billion dollar PLATINUM DEAL, this njaruo now wants to hijack that idea.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]These peoplehave no original plans or ideas. Ni wezi wa kura na mawazo.[/SIZE]


@Simiyu22 look at your friend.

Also in 2008 Obama said that slave reparations were bad but he proceeded to give the Jewish banks $21 trillion in bail outs.

Now he is blaming “white resistance” as the reason he didn’t give out slave reparations.


Obama ,Clinton, Soros . Keep spinning on the three and don’t stop

This motherfucker had the best opportunity to change lives for black people everywhere even in Africa but the only thing he wanted to talk to black people about was ga.y rights and ab. ortion… what a useless asshole.

China came in and built all the infrastructure in Africa.

Now today, saa hii ndio anaanza kugundua how useless he really was.:rolleyes:

Malaya niondokee. No one takes you seriously. Take your emotions and walk back to Keny.anlist.net.

Stupid, homosexual Luhya bastard. Fuck you!!

Give Blacks stipends in College, Trade school. Mandate companies to interview Black candidates in professional positions, Establish tax breaks for companies with greater than 15% Black in the top 30% (by pay) positions, Give tax breaks for companies that hire felons…Along those lines.
Kutafuta pesa za nyumba ni zako. No everyone wants to be a homeowner. Au pesa kavu.
A chance to control financial wealth is what Blacks are interested in. Not being fed carrots like a rabbit.
I permit you to copy my ideas in your future arguments…Signed SS.

Caught some feelings…ooh yeah keep spinning asshole

Long overdue. USA was built by blacks



[SIZE=5]Unasema nini juu naona to blah blah blah mingi hazina mwelekeo ???[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You were the loudest idiot here saying sijui slave reparations are a bad idea… it can’t work… sijui this… sijui that![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sasa Obama wako amekubali reparations, utajitetea aje???[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ameona Trump making inroads in black communities and now all of a sudden this njaruo remembers he is a black.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]And if you read that article this Obama dude siku hizi anashinda na Bruce Springsteen a white rocker. They are always hugging and touching each other in those videos.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I think they are fucking each other. [/SIZE]

In the 8 years Obama was president he totally refused reparations. People begged him including black College professors who gave him proposals of how to do it where each black would get 250,000 or more and it would only cost a few trillions jamaa akakataa kata kata.

But he gave 21 trillion to bail out to the top Jewish banks. The banks repaid only about 9 trillion. The remaining 11 trillion pushed national debt from 10 trillion to over 20 trillion when Obama left office.

Amezeeka sana.

Ni juu ya mawazo aki undermine Trump govt.

Unajua kitu hamjui na imejulikana juzi, huyu jamaa alikuwa in charge of a shadow govt to remove Trump. He never left Washington , he was coordinating the witchhunt. Hata saa hii bado ako Washington overseeing Biden. Controlling congress, the fake news media… utakosa kuzeeka aje???

Obama used to call white house workers to tell them not to do what Trump has told them to do or to instruct them to leak phone calls to the media and he would reassure them as a lawyer that the constitution protects them!

Huyu jamaa ni mkora ajabu. Google Obama shadow cabinet ujionee vituko. He didn’t even hide the fact he was doing it.




Huyo mama leo ame catch feelings. :D:D:D

Hating on a person that’s achieved more than he could ever achieve even if he came back reincarnated in the proverbial 9 lives. Mtu bure kabisa!

Atie bidii and at least make something of himself in those United States.

Huyo na Trumptards are still in denial, reeling from the defeat. Kama Baghdad Bob.

40 acres and a mule liwe liwalo

Yet Black Americans are the biggest recipients of Welfare. Hooked on welfare.

Obama was absolutely useless. Afadhali hata Uhuru anajengea fellow Africans mabarabara na masoko.

Afadhali hata Peter Anyang Nyongo who is keeping Kisumu streets clean and inviting investors.

How the heck did Obama help black people anywhere on planet earth ???