Njaruo Obama now wants slave reparations for blacks!

Did you mean white are the bigest recepients? Dont embarass yourself.


Obama didn’t do much for black america or africa as president but this is a good thing he can use to redeem himself…africans should also ask for reparations and compensation for all the suffering ,theft , slavery, rapes and killings of our men , women and children as young as 2

Going by population size.

There are about 40 million black Americans in the U.S. and going by your numbers that means that over a quarter of the U.S black population is on welfare.

And going by this website a third of all food stamps go to black families i.e $10 billion worth of food stamps.


Majority recepients of welfare is white.

Total welfare spending is over $300 Billion and majority used up by whites.

The article is from 2007. Bush era. Not that the data has changed much if anything going by your figures you can see that in 2007 the number of blacks on welfare was 9 million and you post which is more recent says 11 million. So the number did increase.

I believe you are looking for this :



Nope. Countering your argument that Blacks are the biggest recepients. Its white.

Welfare is bigger than $300 billion bana.


Food stamps are just a small portion. In 2018 , food stamps were about $87 billion out of the above figure…

As per population size.

There are 235 million whites. Fanya hesabu using the figures you posted.

They are the biggest recepients by the dollar.

Less medicare. Still white biggest recepients.

Nimekwambia whites are 235 million, what percentage of that 235 million are on welfare or food stamps?

You can’t answer. :smiley:

Because you know obviously the percentage is much smaller somewhere in the 8% region.

8% of all whites versus 25% of all blacks… hmmm.

Realistically for blacks I think three quarters of all blacks are on welfare.

A quarter is just too small a figure.

Probably 80% of all black Americans are on some welfare of some sort.

For whites about 40%.

Ni Will Smith pekee hayuko on welfare. Na Oprah na Morgan freeman and maybe the corrupt thief Obama. The rest wako welfare wote. Hata mjaluo @Swansea ako on welfare of some kind.

He probably gets tampons from his local church every week. Si ndio @Swansea ?

Whites are the biggest recipients. I am simply countering your initial argument.

Malcom x advocated for these things kitambo. Funny how modern negro leaders behave

You are the same asshole who ALWAYS says , “as a percentage of the total population.” :D:D

Mkiwa na kennedy maina. Of course leo naona hutaki kujua hio maneno. You only use that statistic when it suits your arguments e.g blacks killed by whites versus whites killed by blacks. Or who commits more crimes.


But tukirudi welfare program unageuza msemo:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Obama is white like Massa and talks like massa. He even desired to marry a white girl but a college professor warned him that if he desires success in his political career then he must look for an educated, drama free black girl.

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Dollar amount.

What is the dollar amount for ALL welfare including Medicaid for the 3 races.

Wekelea hapa, uone blacks wakishinda saa hii saa hii.