Nissan Teana

Elders, hebu mnisaidia na reviews za Nissan Teana. Naona second hand goes cheaply for as low as 400k. What’s the catch?

Ushapata tender tayari? Nyinyi watu wa Ruto hamuja waste time


Shida ya hizi gari ni CVT. If its the non-cvt version, then thats a good deal. Nissan’s VQ line of engines are known to be extremely reliable and the weak points ya hii gari ni CVT

Kama ni CVT, buy adfermarket cvt oil cooler and pray

Noted. Thanks

Nissan urvan 2014 model iko aje mkubwa… not for psv just personal use mainly travelling 80 kms a day.

Siko very conversant na hizi minivans mdau. Pengine another villager may offer more help in that respect

Teana CVT failure, and fails to pick in the hill

Vile umeambiwa hapo hiyo ya CVT is not only unreliable but sio fun kudrive kama wewe unapenda sporty cars. But it is EXTREMELY comfortable. I would go for the Nissan Skyline v6, 2006 model. Thats just my 2 cents.

Soma comment ya @Teddy_time hapo juu. With the cooler it works fine uphill as long as the cvt is not damaged

Btw 400k is very low… which year is this Teana?

Asanteni for your insight.

Ni ya 2008.

Hii economy 2500 CC , uko na nguvu kaka

400k ni cheap sana even for a 2008. If you decide to buy, check it out thoroughly. Mfanya diagnostics na look for long uphills and try to drive up the hill at speed. Infact, peleka road test to Naivasha

Yeah let me weigh the risk vs benefits. Alafu nitafute mech aniangalilie hiyo issue umenishow. At least now I have a clue where to focus my attention. Asante sana

Na ukitest gari apana endesha at 80. Tafuta highway safi na umake sure umejaza speedometer ama kitu 160 ivi. Kuna Mark x i nearly bought ilikua inakaa very clean. Kudrive iko sawa and smooth till 120kph. Kufika kitu 140 gari ikaanza kutremble kila mahali but ukireduce mpaka 120 inakua sawa nikajua hapa hii ni ticking time bomb.

Wheel balancing, gari kutremble at high speeds may not be a big deal. Shida ni kutremble below 100km/hr

It was not that. Tulifanyia hiyo yote mpaka tukareplace internal components ya wheels za mbele kama tie rod ends, seller alitumia 60k but the problem haikuenda. Ata tulirotate tyres.

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Maybe the rim/s were bent.