Nissan Teana

I never thought of that by the way. Thanks.

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That transmission will eventually break down due to heat stresses. It may pass his test. You are right, he should avoid.

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True. But if he can get an auto, basi its ok. Its a decent V6 though front wheel drive

Though for me i would prefer something in a different class like a Skyline or Fuga which are V6 rear wheel drive and are classed as Executive Sports Sedans.

For that budget stick to a Toyota preferably something with no more than 1500cc

You cannot road test a cvt. It starts drama after driving for something like two hours. It will then slip on acceleration or when overtaking uphill. Even for a good cvt, you will notice that for most cvts, they are very smooth and can even pick well the first 50km from cold start. After this they start whining and picking becomes comparatively laborious.
The technology is just a cost cutting measure for small petrol cars and nothing else. From experience it doesn’t save fuel especially when it get hot and starts whining. It doesn’t have any advantage apart from being cheap.

Moto wa kuotea mbali kwanza transmission za Nissan hizo za jatco ni takataka.

Nissan cvt will leave you with premium tears.

you can get 2012 (below) for 750k+ compared to mark-x (1m+)

after considering above mentioned pros and cons, remember resale value may be less than mark-x
less people want a 2.5L engine, Nissan, and CVT … Too much trouble
if you need to dispose it quickly, you will have to discount it heavily like the 400k guy (just like the sylphy g11)


Asante elder

Most Nissan vehicles have these annoying problems:
1.CVT issues
2. Overheating engine
3. Weak suspension
I would rather spend more on a Toyota, Mazda, Honda or Subaru than do guesswork with Nissan

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I have used Nissan Fuga for 5 years and Skyline for 2 years now each 2500cc v6 and my honest opinion is these two are powerful cars and for ears I have never encountered any issues just the normal maintenance. But 400k for teana check it very thoroughly.

Hii ni mashida mtu anataka kurushia jamaa ya Eldy, asikize mawaidha hapa.