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Wadau kidogo naomba msaada. Am tired with my Redmi note 7, am looking to buy a new phone. I was wondering what you guys would suggest for me. Budget 20-25k must be SD and not ips LCD


Redmi note 8

Mi 9 Lite

P40 lite. I had the P30 lite and it was having flagship features at 1/3 the price. P40 lite has 8GB RAM 128 GB HD and high end flagship software on the camera

First tell us why you’re tired on the Note 7 so that we can advise accordingly.

Battery life has drastically reduced, with light browsing and social media it quits at the middle of the day alafu i find that notch really an eye sore

Na venye @ilonMask and @sona moja na pia @Jimit keep saying that these phones have a great battery life.
I know the Redmi Note 7 cannot make it through the day if you’re using it all through but the above talkers think anything with a 4000 mah battery must last the whole day. Mimi nakwamini half-day is a torture. Even for a 2-3 year old phone it is embarassing.

So here is a couple of questions to help us with recommending something for you

  1. Do you mind increased weight?
  2. Do you care if it has a plastic/plastic-glass sandwich ama you want a metal build?
  3. Do you have to use google services ama uko sawa na huawei services?
  4. How much are you willing to spend?
  5. Do you have a chipset preference Snapdragon/Mediatek/Kirin/Exynos?
  6. Are you okay with minimal ads in the phone UI? hapa kule?

Jibu hizi tukupe recommendations

  1. Weight should not go beyond the current
  2. I dont want plastic kabisa
    3.Google services I can sideload no problem
    4.27k max
  3. Must not be a Mediatek

Oh God. Here we go again.

The end of the beginning

:D:D wacha confirmation bias

Peaneni recommendation to this Talker, Budget ni 27K. Ameweka his preferences I believe He could compromise a thing or two if the deal is right.
Si kila kitu lazma iwe vita. Peaneni recommended device haraka haraka

Kwa hio budget he literally has no option other Xiaomi. Swali ni anataka Xiaomi gani :D. If he wants amoled and hates plastic, he will need to add 1k and get Mi 9T.

If budget is strict and can’t stretch any further, he will need to either get note 9 pro or 9s with LCD (but respectable haptics and chipset)…

If 209 grams is too heavy, he’ll need to tame his preferences and get one with a plastic back and not so good chipset, but light. Nova 7i or galaxy A50/50s.

At that budget anafaa ajue you don’t dictate the terms, you accept and compromise :D.

Wadau kiuliso I want to upgrade my Naomi redmi note 5. Is Samsung SI,Note 8 or iPhone 8 worth in 2020.

In my opinion if you can put up with bezels and weight that doesn’t match the screen real estate, they are worth it… To an extent.

I bought the redmi note 9s for 24k. Has 6gb ram and 128gb internal storage plus dedicated sd card slot in addition to dual SIM support. It has snapdragon 720G. Has LCD screen. Battery 5050mah easily lasts me 2days nikiweka power saver mode. No effect on performance.
I had the Samsung A30. This one had AMOLED screen, 64gb internal storage, 4gb ram dedicated sd card slot na exynos 7904 processor.
I highly recommend the redmi note 9s. You will not care that it is an AMOLED. It is fast does not hang.
Believe me. For a person that prefers flagships, I’m impressed. Nilikuwa nataka kubuy OnePlus 8pro but for now I’m so content. I will upgrade when the redmi starts acting up.

And don’t go for the redmi note 9pro over the 9s. They are the same with same specs just for different regions but the 9pro is priced higher. The 9pro max ndio iko na higher ram at 8gb otherwise still same as the rest.

Another option is redmi k30. Iko na 4500mah 120hz screen LCD na snapdragon 730G. No much difference in performance btwn 730g na 720g