Never help beggars

So this old guy who I gave clothes n a place to stay had the guts to take me to a police station ?

Few years back this couple who live in USA n have a piece of plot near my shop , erected a mabati HSE in their plot before jetting away … They asked me niliwarushie macho before Akina @ChifuMbitika n his partners in city hall thought of grabbing it …I decided lemmi rent it out for 500/= ili compound ionekane kuna MTU …

It’s when I met this homeless sixty something old man who was a cobra , he begged for shelter n I thought wacha aishi huko for free , I even bought him curtains n gave him some old furniture’s I don’t use…

He stayed there till mid last year before ajuane na a certain rich guy who took him to his farm in nyeri as an errand boy or wherever they are called …

The Mzee even didn’t tell me ameenda , I went to the HSE removed the furniture’s n burnt his rags which he left … Sasa Jana together with his new boss they reported me to the police station eti nilichoma kitanda na nguo zake " woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … 2 years free rent, free food , ,free clothes n that’s how he repays back ? Nimehesabiwa 10k nimlipe , under agreement Ile pesa nitumie his new boss since Hana simu …

Wacha tabia ya kujifanya mzuri Kwa masikini. Completely keep off beggars and destitutes


Siku hizi people have become mannerless. Just write an agreement with a clear exit clause. Tenants are very greedy and conniving.mwingine alifunga nyumba akapotea for six months. I had to involve nyumba kumi, broke into the house recorded everything, moved them into a store. Two days later the fool resurfaced claiming he had electronics in the house. The chief almost threw him in for making a fool of the chief and wazee.

In the eyes of the law, you intruded into his privacy and destroyed his PRIVATE property maliciously.

Lesson 1. The law is an ass.
Lesson 2. Don’t ever try to be a fcking Mahatma Gandhi.

Lessons learnt.
Pole sana.

But why not pack his rags in a bag for him to collect?
Afterall, those are his belongings. Ama?

He will still say he had a colour tv and a subwoofer in that house

Ati, nani ameiba indanet yangu?:smiley:

I stopped associating with peasants.Most are ungrateful and horny mouthed.

I learned never to be a Mother Theresa to every beggar I come across.

Don’t interfere with God’s will on people’s lives

Be kind but not naive

Your thinking capacity is similar to a sheep

If they can’t prove that hiyo ilikuwa bed yake then unalipa nini?

sheep are used throughout the holy writ to symbolically refer to God’s people.

Tenda wema nenda zako…hio kitu ya kuhouse a nigga with two balls achana nayo kapsaa

Ukiwa hio area ya Tea Room kwa stage ya gari za Isiolo na Nanyuki utaona your so-called beggars buying drugs, alcohol and prostitutes na saa hio ulipea mtu pesa ati anunue chai.

Giving money to beggars is to support a begging culture that has become a major nuisance and eyesore in the streets of Nairobi. Sadly, NMS and our city fathers are in bed with the cartels running the begging industry in Nairobi.


keep away from po’ people!

Huyo mzee ni @Michael Kauma