Need advice on Avoiding Lanyes

Today is my 61st day of celibacy… the only way for me to get laid is to pay for sex koz i don’t have a girlfriend… but am determined not to … was even thinking of going to get only a handjob huko SJ.

To those who have slain this monkey, how did you do it? I need suggestions for the new year

upuuuus Ghaseer

Buy a skipping rope …jump every day early morning and before you go to bed…keep your mind engaged…read a nice book…go for long walks…don’t watch porn…avoid masturbation

…anza kukatia madem wenye si lanye…thank me later

is it a curse in your lineage that you cant get a girlfriend.


i don’t masturbate… and i exercise in the morning… my challenge for the new year then ni kukatia madame wenye sio lanye…

what do you mean by a curse in lineage?
i would attribute it to low confidence and also, a lack of interest

Ongea na your friends wakuunganishie mishoni, niko sure their girlfriends have friends who are single

Why are you gay then?

girls are not mutants just find one and talk to her…

nope… too straight

Just don’t go to lanye dens.

fucking lanyes is not a sin - have fun while you still can


God has not given us the spirit of lust and prostitution. Condemn that spirit with the strongest terms possible, both in your heart and mind. You just need strong WILL to do it. Feed your mind with positive vibes, and if you are religious like yours truly, engage the word of God and prayer. The holy spirit guides us and gives us a unique gift to deter us from doing evil, it’s called Self-control.
Lastly, the most important thing a man should hold dear to his heart is CONFIDENCE and DISCIPLINE. Cultivate a culture of those two by reading books and practising in the areas you are aiming at. Katia madem wengi as possible and you will realise they are very easy to deal with.

Not worth the health risk…one way or another crashes you ego as a man…why not have fun with 18-23 year old college students?..they are so many out here


never have and determined not. to… tried to but the risk is too much

well, this is the normal advice I have heard all my life
share the book’s title I see the guy’s reasoning

The first thing you should ask yourself is why you don’t have a girlfriend?

If you are saving up (bankrupt and trying to dig yourself out of poverty), I will advise you to continue using prostitutes because sex is a human need and girlfriends cost a lot more in time and money. Reduce it to once a month or less. Just condomize whenever you do it and take extra care. You can’t fight nature, and at the same time, there are periods in a man’s life when maintaining a girlfriend is not smart/practical.

If you don’t use whores due to brokeness, locate your balls and get a girlfriend. In a country of 20+ million women, you can’t miss one even with the worst luck. It is a numbers game.

People demonize prostitutes for no good reason. I think they fill an important gap in the sexual marketplace. If I was a Kibera slum dweller, I would rather buy pussy cheaply once a month than spend the meagre earnings on a wife/girlfriend. For a certain economic bracket of men, a prostitute is a smart economic decision.

If you are bankrupt and you are saving up to start a business and get out of poverty, do whatever you have to do to reach that goal. If you have to use prostitutes instead of having a girlfriend, do it. If you have to eat at the kibandaski, do it. If you have to quit drinking, do it. If you have to live in a mabati shack and keep your head down for a while, do it. All that is temporary if you work towards saving up for a business that will get you out of poverty. Then, you will succeed and afford to date, marry, raise kids, and have a few concubines.

Hapa emebonga fiti but issue hapa ni kusrisk kucontract something from these lanyes,but as long as amecondomise na asikue akitouch touch like fingering or sucking on boobies then he is safe