Need advice on Avoiding Lanyes

Mimi siwezi ambia mtu wa mjengo ama hawker atafute girlfriend ama aanze family. Kuna design wanaume wako in deep poverty such that getting a girlfriend is counterproductive. Akijichunga and a-minimize the number of times he uses whores e.g once a month or less, he will do just fine.
Hii Nairobi mwanaume anapata like 20k ama 10k cannot afford to date let alone getting kids. I don’t care who you are, but any man past 25 years will spend money on a girlfriend or wife+kids. Relationships cost money and time for any adult man. At a certain low income level, getting into a relationship is not smart for a man. That’s where prostitutes come in.

You are broke, tafuta pesa. In this era mapenzi lazma uwe na kakitu. Why don’t you have a girlfriend or female friends? Go out today am sure many young women wanataka kufunga mwaka na sekete, you might find your match mwenye pia amekuwa celibate 61 days. Or just take it easy and go fuck a whore.

Did you just ask for suggestions on monkey strangling technique from a male dominated forum?


nope man

am not necessarily broke… the main idea I hear is gain confidence to get out there to interact with women… that’s a habit I want to form

Imagine when we get to heaven and told that there is nothing like adultery…and we are supposed to fuck around for entertainment…

Great piece of advice

@Azor Ahai I support you on this

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Today is my 61st day of celibacy… the only way for me to get laid is to pay for sex koz i don’t have a girlfriend… but am determined not to … was even thinking of going to get only a handjob huko SJ.

To those who have slain this monkey, how did you do it? I need suggestions for the new year

Kidoss brother, you are on the right path…there is so much harm caused to the soul and body as a result of unprincipled sexual decisions.

  1. Avoid all triggers: thoughts, places or threads(osha macho posts) which may leas you to stray
  2. Avoid idle time: find use for your idle time. As formally advised, find an activity that is energy demanding like going to the gym, working out, etc.
  3. Motivation and purpose needs to be refueled constantly. Therefore ensure you watch a motivational video which aligns you to your purpose everyday.

Everyone is advising you to get a girlfriend, don’t be in a rush…just take things slowly.

Those many young women wako location gani apart from the usual lanye joints?

Which book/article is this ?

Asking too

@muritugi wacha kutubeba ufala. On Wednesday, you posted a thread requesting more info on a kunguru you were about to download for Ksh 2,500 to get laid for 4-6 hours

My guess is that you probably went ahead and paid for the lanye but now you feel ashamed of yourself. Now, you’re trying to seek advice on how to avoid hoes out of guilt. don’t try and convince us that you’ve achieved 60 days of celibacy.

Assuming you have a good number of female friends, kupewa connection si rocket science.
Just have a few chilles wenye ni fúckmates. It ain’t complex. Trust me

Baba tafuta ata moja ya kumwagiaga in exchange of food and accomodation. Lanyes will maliza you. Elders will just mourn

@Kidete i have achieved it… and i never paid for that lady… kama ni no unataka ingia inbox:D:D

Hao ndyo wanauza sana especially since covid hit. Unakatia dem unafurahi ameingia box then on the meet day anaanza stori ya how will you appreciate me babe.