Neanderthal reasoning

Education PS, Belio Kipsang has announced that KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council) will recall certificates of parents found aiding in examination cheating.

The PS was speaking on Monday at the Kenya School of Government in Kabete, Kiambu County, after [SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]launching padlocks and keys[/SIZE] to be used in securing exam containers

Please tell me ‘ padlock and keys’ is the name of the initiative and not the actual magufulis.:oops:

And if the said ‘aiding and abetting’ patents didn’t go to school? What will they recall?

This guy has weird suggestions, mara one uniform countrywide, and now this.

Matiang’i should have never been removed from ministry of education

Fit thread guy looks like a neanderthal.

hehehe, sasa mtoto yangu iki danganya watakujia certificate yangu ya kcpe ? isorait.

reminds me of makwere na ile suggestion ya yellow line identifier kwa psv ikata katwe…dafuQ

Birth certificate :D:D:D:D

Launching padlocks and keys means a celebration for a well connected tenderprenuer who supplied cheap 'China made ’ padlocks worth 200 Bob and has supplied the same as high security locks for 10,000 Bob a piece.

this is laughable…the money spent on the function is many times the price of the padlocks…ata heri balala mwenye alilaunch wildebeest migration pale serengeti

Mnaonea ‘mtu wetu’, he’s a very intelligent fellow, he has a PhD.

…so now they have resulted to scarecrow tactics. oooi iko chinda

I’ve got a kcpe candidate na nikipata leakage siwezi mpatia apambane na hali yake kwa shule.

[SIZE=3]marriage certificate or if none, they will recall the candidate…[/SIZE]

Hii jangili alizaliwa wapi???

Nawambianga Kalenjin politicians are one dumb lots. Former agriculture secretary was another one. …yaani wacha tu


vaa helmet wanakuja

With a flagging off or what? :smiley: