Neanderthal reasoning

Yaani these guys have never heard of biometric locks/padlocks.
By now those padlocks and keys zinatengenezewa master keys pale jua kali. Lazima kiibio na hakitarudio.

no ni wawili tu; yeye mwenye nime quote na budspenser. hata hivyo nawangoja sihitaji helmet .ill give them tko wote wawili

How do we move forward as a country with such people in decision making positions? Not only kalenjins, most Kenyan leaders and Africa at large.
I posted a video of how Columbia dealt with their slum problem , guys replied I was whining and i better move out of Kenya.

All ethnic groups have their dumb lots. And he isn’t a politician but a public servant.

:D:D:D:D nilikuwa natarajia mawe kutoka kwako but you are right :D:D

I realized the futility of that effort.

mizee usitoke the Gambia, watakuwa JKIA na not so friendly welcoming party.

najua kwanza budspenser ananichukia sana afadhali tarantinoh

hope you clearly remember yule alikuwa CS wa agriculture alikuwa anaitwa Willy Bett. The way he handled artificial maize shortage in the country to a point of lying “There are ships floating in the ocean idly waiting for for a country to sell to” was a level of its own. Many drug cartels envied his assumption for sure. Hebu tag me on that columbia post.

You move backwards not forward.
Kenya will be so much worse in times to come you will think back to these days.
Everything you see in Kenya was invented by the white man and without his guiding hand you get a slow descent into Haiti or the Congo. You might be smart. I might be smart. But countries are made from the majority not from individuals. And the majority of Kenyans are irredeemably stupid and backwards.