Naomi lovers, good news for us!

[li][SIZE=7]Xiaomi Pocophone, Mi Max 3, Mi TV Box Now on Pre-Order in Kenya[/SIZE][/li][/ul]

Towards the end of last week, Xiaomi Kenya announced a special sale of their old-model Mi TV box for Kes.5,000 limited to 100 units which sold out within a few hours, you’re welcome Xiaomi. Today, the company has announced that pre-orders for a number of new Xiaomi devices are open to the public and availability will be on first come, first served basis.

Among the Xiaomi devices expected to launch in the country include Mi TV Box, Pocophone F1, Mi Band 3, Mi Max 3, Mi In-Earphone – Pro HD, Mi Powerbank, Mi Dash Camera and Redmi Note 6 Pro. The devices will start being delivered as from 22nd October, according to Xiaomi, with a final delivery date of 1st November.

[SIZE=5]Mi TV Box[/SIZE]

This is an Android TV box that will retail at Kes.6,000 and offers:

[li]Up to 4K resolution output at 60fps[/li][li]2GB RAM[/li][li]8GB Storage[/li][li]Upgradeable to Android TV 8.0[/li][li]Dolby Audio[/li][li]Bluetooth remote[/li][li]USB port[/li][li]HDMI port[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]Pocophone F1[/SIZE] Courtesy Trusted Reviews
This particular device has received a lot of attention the world over thanks to its attractive spec sheet and a low price tag of about Kes.40,000:

[li]6.18-inch display (with a notch)[/li][li]Android 8.1 Oreo[/li][li]Snapdragon 845[/li][li]6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage[/li][li]Dual 12MP + 5MP main cameras and a 20MP selfie camera[/li][li]USB-C[/li][li]4000mAh battery[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]Mi Max 3[/SIZE]

This phablet not only packs a huge display but compliments its large size with decently large specifications while still keeping the price affordable:

[li]6.9-inch display (18:9)[/li][li]Android 8.1 Oreo[/li][li]Snapdragon 636[/li][li]4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage[/li][li]Dual 12MP + 5MP main cameras and an 8MP selfie camera[/li][li]USB-C[/li][li]5500mAh battery[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]Redmi Note 6 Pro[/SIZE]

This is a mid-range device with a notched display. Alongside a not to huge price tag, the Redmi Note 6 Pro offers the following specs:

[li]6.26-inch display (notched display)[/li][li]Android 8.1 Oreo[/li][li]Snapdragon 636[/li][li]3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage[/li][li]Dual 12MP + 5MP main cameras and a 20MP selfie camera[/li][li]4000mAh battery[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]Mi Band 3[/SIZE]

This is a smart fitness band from the company built for those who detest sitting around and being lazy. The price is yet to be announced:

[li]0.78-inch OLED display[/li][li]Notifications alert[/li][li]5ATM water resistance rating[/li][li]Activity tracker – including heart rate[/li][li]Up to 20 days battery life[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]Mi In-Earphone – Pro HD[/SIZE]

These are a pair of premium 3.5mm earphones that claim to offer HD sound. The earphones are made of graphene casing with a stretchable matte wiring. The highlight of the earphone is the sound delivered, something that Xiaomi says, “deliver music of greater and finer details”. The pricing details are yet to be revealed.

[SIZE=5]Mi Power Bank[/SIZE]

The name sells itself. These are a range of power banks from Xaiomi available in either the super-sized 16000mAh unit, the slim 5000mAh unit and the business card-sized 10,000mAh unit. We’re not sure if all three will be available, neither has the price been mentioned.

[SIZE=5]Mi Dash Camera[/SIZE]

This one, I am particularly excited about. It is hard to find decent quality dash cams around and if you do, it probably involves shipping. The dash cam has a 3″ display equipped with a 160 degree wide-angle 1080p Sony lens. The Mi Dash camera also has wifi connectivity that allows for connection to an App for easy accessibility to the recorded footage. It supports up to 64GB memory card. Pricing is yet to be announced.

All these devices can be pre-ordered through this Website with a maximum of 5 units per device ordered. You will fill in the form and Xiaomi will contact you through the phone number provided to confirm your order and give payment details

This company is really serious. Mpaka dash cam. Ngojea sasa walete in car entertainment gadgets.

Pewa like kumi. This post, my award winning Jubilee posts and hiyo ya MMNN ndio kitu ya maana nimeona Leo.

Ati simu ninunue 40k? Yenye inaeza pata mwenyewe anytime pale Githurai?

The best news for us ni kuwa, though it’s early days we can expect insanely cheap prices for their products and, Afrika becoming one of their target market0, vitu kama hizo Mi TV box will be in English language. Wahindi wanapata vitu rahisi sana. Even the Mi smart TVs zenyewe, in pure English, yaani bila any trace of the Chinese characters!

Mimi nafikiria kuhusu Mi Netbook Pro. It looks sexy enough and packs the right amount of power.

i fell in love Xiaomi when i was introduced to their phones by our techie guy in the office… i have never looked back. This is good news…;searl|3011048891

Their laptops are generally very expensive. Perhaps they are good.

Official retail outlet ni gani?

Am also a Xiaomi fan. Currently am using this


na staki matusi… hii Tv box ni nini? how does it work?

Kali sana! Nilitamani sana hii mashine lakini sikufanikiwa.
Using this… [ATTACH=full]201252[/ATTACH]

Hawa watu strategy yao ya biashara hunifurahisha, they rely on pre orders and flash sales. Hakuna cha ku manufacture alot of stuff na hujui how it will be received in the market. That is one of the tricks they use to keep their costs low

Omwami, hii ni kama decorder, tofauti ni inatumia internet to stream content thus making damn TVs smart

hii ni ya pesa ngapi nishikie katoto ketu kama present ya kumaliza class 8

Badala ya advertising, they promote their products on social media and through rumors, teasing.

Hata hii yako I can see iko poa .

Connect to TV using HDMI cable, connect to wifi and that’s the end of dstv and local channels in your home. Streaming is present and future of t.v viewing. Its also free.

KSh 33,000.
Taobao Xiaomi Store.