Naomi lovers, good news for us!

Have you tried to ship anything with these guys au, last week was looking at something there and noted their shipping fees were way above those of Ali express for similarly sized products

Am getting the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5…hii simu iko poa sana…

Huwa mnasikia watu wakitaja African Salihiya. Try and acquaint yourself with these people and this could be your breakthrough. Wasomali are very honest na hawana tamaa. There’s an mkubwa called Arqam. Very nice guy.

Free ? How now?

A friend in China buys for you and ships to through the usual ways. Befriend African Salihiya staffers.

So the devices have monster batteries but they are also marketing power banks??

Niliona pia wanatengeza very good replacement adapters za HP, bought one 19.5 by 6.5 amps.

There are streaming platforms like Tea TV, Morpheus, Morbro etc. If you have fibre of 10mpbs speeds you can installed the app and watch all the TV in the world on demand for free. I stream all History channels, Discovery channels, Sci-fi motor/car shows, sky sports, BT sports, NBA, F1 etc. I download all latest movies on HD 1080, all series on HD etc. Sasa its just to watch at your own pleasure. Jeff Koinange tulionana last akifutwa CNN.

They are better than HP adapters?

Quality …most of the replacement adapters ni sticker tu

Naona nikishika Redmi Note 5 at this rate, Gionee M6 has served me well the past 2 years.

So its NOT FREE, Yes?

Go for it


Ndio unatumia? Iko vipi?

Natumia Nokia but I can vouch for that Naomi, I deal with alot of these gadgets. If I were to acquire another one it would be definitely Naomi.

Free as in free speech not free beer.

Wow, thats great stuff right there… aside from the internet based tv box and decoders hakuna any other technology works to capture digital TV signals?

Wacha niite majamaa wangu wa FTA

Most TV’s since 2014 have inbuilt Digital TV receivers. As long as they aren’t scrambled. However if your have a smart TV, this apps can be installed directly to your TV. Especially those smart TV that run on android like this Naomi Mi TV.