Nanyuki ASK show....

Team mafisi the thirst is real nani ako kwa hii grounds akuje apewe chupa moja…
The legend is that the fisilets have come from far and wide…

" Nanyuki " = AIDS


Kama unataka kuchanganya seed na johnnie, wenye wameuza cabbage kieni east, mbuzi doldol, miraa meru na masoldier wenye wametoka amisom…

Every day we live we face 1000 ways to die a mere fact we are alive is a miracle i didnt say yu df them …just drink and feast your eyes if yu decide to take it further its up to you

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Nanyuki ASK=Cheap beer, cheap condoms etc

Virgins everywhere

nanyuki=the end of the rail…

ya meru ni next week.


bonga tu mbaya… Afadhali kuchotwa na train ( fatal death ) than living / dying slowly !
Ata mkisema ARV’s ziko the stigma and low self esteem will eat u alive.

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Stigma only exists in your mind, incidentally.

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Unfortunately even with the drugs, aids is a nightmare to a yaoung man. How will you marry with it? How will your relationships be like. STigma is real. Ukitaka kujua stori ya stigma just read the paranoid stories Ktalk people write. People wont want to be associated with you if you openly admit to having the virus. And eventually, the disease kills regardless of treatment. If you get some other weakness such as cancer, diabetes etc things get complicated and difficult.

We all die from some disease or other eventually so those afflicted should live positively and take heart…

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True, but infection remains disaster to the afflicted. especially if you are ypung and in your bachelor/spinster years.

Dr Luther ! A colleague at work contracted the HIV virus 8 yrs ago , I have seen him go through the rough stages, infecting his newly wed wife , having a child already pre exposed to the virus, loosing the kid , separating with the wife then the death of the wife. AIDS Is real.
Although the guy is on meds constantly regrets one illicit affair without protection.
YES the stigma is real, hawezi katiana job coz kila mtu anajua status yake , ata kushare kikombe ya maji ni noma. Mtaani same thing.


true watu hapa wanafikiria Aids ni homa… Tembeeni IDH Kenyatta. Ufisi na DF itaishia hapo.

A someone told me after you test positive you are likely to have stress related complications later. ie. heart problems, bp, diabetes etc if the stignma is too much for you.
Its not about the hiv eating you up, but about the mental sickness that comes with it. Sasa huyo collegue wa @Necrow atalive positively aje? hiyo stress itamfuata kwa grave.

Watu hapa wanajifanya ma saint utadhani huwa wanatomba pasi moto. Utaletewa ukimwi na bibi wee ngoja tu hapo ukisema colleague at work

What’s so big about AIDS?

In Jesus’s name, AIDS is curable.

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