Nanyuki ASK show....

True. Ukimwi inatembea na relationships since no sane man goes around fucking whores and strangers without protection these days. Its comes with those you trust most. Huajawahi shikwa na some infection and you are there on phone going mad at your partner. Alafu she is denying it casually and telling you to ask your whores?
Unaachwa umeshangaa kwani hizi vitu ni airborne. You need to move on without second thought or benefit of doubt for the other one.

True. I got a cousin who contracted it there, sadly he passed away last year

When my wife was pregnant with our first kid I was dry frying some bisexual mama with a dubious reputation,I knew it wasn’t right but the sex was just too good the biach used to do stuff with her mouth and pussay that most of you can’t fathom then she tells me to pump my juices deep inside her pussay…then finally came the day ya pre-natal testing…

This listing totally took a different direction to what i totally anticipitated…kwani talkers did the definition of teams change without someone notifying me? From klost we define teams as follows: mafisi: admirers ie kukula na macho kawasaki: making love to the person yu love most ie yourself aka wankers df: ktalkers who practice unsafe sexual practices with ONE PARTNER preferable girlfriend/ boyfriend or husband / wives contrary to what they say it DOES NOT INCLUDE every tom dick and harry

Having said that i know aids is real and kdf was one of high exposed organisations back in the days but thanks to aids awereness our soldiers changed their behaviours and attitude. Nowadays hata tukienda mbali aje they will always ask for permission to go be with their wives and husbands, sisemi hakuna soko haikosi mwendawazimu but majority know that aids is real. Every dec 1st kunakua na aids walk in all military camps and a success rate of over 80% voluntary counselling and testing of our troops. For those affected or infected we have one of the best ARV programmes in the country

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When was that i guess the 90s

Exactly my point thats why wacha mpango wa kando and weka condom mpangoni campaigns were launched

Nope. The last three years

KDF and Kenya Police still have high prevalence rates and apparently, Nanyuki is some sort of military/tourist town. Soldiers are known to be very promiscuous.

show ya Nanyuki unaenda kufanya nini? That place has high school kids and guys from ghetto who’ll cause mayhem at some point…
nobody unless you’re an exhibitionist,student or child goes there anymore…

True. This applies to ASK shows in other parts of the country too. DS zinakuanga overcrowded with people high on cheap liquor.

chagua picha ama HOYA!

Ukwimwi utapata hadi vatican boss

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Bure kabisa! With a mentality like yours God save us all.

I came to hate the military, a friend’s wife was send to Amisom four years ago. She was there for six months I think with some breaks, she came back totally spoiled. In the six months she developed alcohol addiction, she became a serious whore, the guy could not satisfy her at all, when the guy confronted one of the solders fuckin his wife, he was told “yeye ndie alifanya makosa kuoa mwanajeshi, mwanajeshi ni wa wanajeshi” apparently women solders are sent to war zones to serve the solders sexually.

Really? I thought soldiers are trained to practice Kawasaki.

Are they still together?

Omwami hapo umenoa it all boils down to individual discipline i have been to NEP with female colleagues for over 11months some give it up others dont …like i said individual…as for sexual satisfaction i guess its got to do with the vigourous exercises that increase sexual appetite coupled with the canned foods( thats my theory and its not backed by scientific evidence)

Nobody teaches yu kawasaki son!

@wu tang thats the notion i want to dispel that notion, the kdf plus the police combined are roughly 200k divide that by roughly by 40million yu will see the % …however there is a
Huge behavioural change among the kdf and i can attest to that

Could it be prevalent there because of the army base?