Nani ameua mtoto ya Magistrate ?

Yule amefanya hii ashikwe alipuliwe na hessy…whether or not vendetta or bribes were involved. Children should never be used as bargaining chips


A nine year old daughter of senior magistrate Caroline Kemei’s body was found in Gitoro Forest in Meru after missing for about a week.

The girl, Maribel Kapolon, went missing on 6 September, after reportedly being kidnapped while walking home from the school bus, by unknown assailants.

Witnesses report that she was called to a nearby car by someone she was allegedly familiar with, so she rushed to the car. That was the last time she was seen, around Milimani area, Meru.
A search had been launched since then, to find the pupil from Consolata Primary School.
Maribel Kapolon was the daughter to Senior Resident Magistrate of Githongo Law Courts in Meru County, Ms Caroline Kemei.

She was found on Saturday in Gaturo Forest on Saturday, her body already decomposing. Her body was moved to mortuary as investigations are still undergoing.

So sad.

So sad…their jobs are risky and anybody who suffers under them would like to revenge…ama aliguza mkubwa pahali.

Sasa mtoto amewafanyia nini jameni? May she rest in peace.

waah! ama judge alirule against someone in a case jamaa akaamua revenge.

Sad. Why children now? Watu ni roho chafu sana.

Binadamu ni wanyama. Rest in peace Maribel.

Only a coward would do this. MSRIP.

I couldn’t finish reading the 1st paragraph. So sad, this is every parent worst nightmare. If I was the magistrate then all criminals coming to my court will suffer life imprisonment with hard labour.

May they never find peace. They have broken all the codes in whatever fight they had.

  1. Never beat up or humiliate a man in front of his children - he is their hero regardless of what hes done or what you think about him
  2. Never use children or the wife as a lesson or shield for someone you are beefing with or to even a score

This is so painful for any parent.

Really bwana mkuki? As in it wouldn’t matter whether they’re guilty or not, or what the law says, you’d sentence all of them to life imprisonment with hard labor? This is sad, but we must never let emotions tamper with rationality.

so sad

Killing a kid is very cowardly… Hope those people a found… So that they die a slow death…

But also these magistrates… You see a case of children defilement…/child rape… Or worse… Then mtu ana wachiliwa na bail ya ksh. 10,000. Or 20,000.

Sio poa manze


I think an individual who act rationally after their kid is murdered is not normal, in such a case it would be better for the individual to go on a long job absence - but I think most parents will acts irrationally - at least I am sure I would if such happened to my 9 year old daughter

As someone had suggested up there, if poor man’s kid is sexually molested by a rich man’s kid, then the rich man’s kid is released on a 5k bail and hearing fixed on a date mid next year and eventually the case thrown out on a technicality after you learn that the rich man and the magistrate are related by blood or business, it’s understandable/explainable why such an irrational crime can be committed.

Understandable not acceptable.

[SIZE=1](Ûkai rîu mûndîe) [/SIZE]

  1. I know you don’t want to hear it but the truth is that release on reasonable or affordable bond/bail terms -no matter how vile a crime the accused person is alleged to have committed - is a constitutional right of every person charged before a Kenyan Court and that right cannot be denied just like that.

  2. Release on reasonable bail/bond terms stems from another legal and constitutional presumption of innocence - that no matter how vile a crime the accused person is alleged to have committed, he is presumed to be innocent until the prosecution can demonstrate that without reasonable doubt, he is guilty. A person accused of a crime should not have his liberty curtailed unless it is proved that he is guilty of an offence.

  3. Release of reasonable bond/bail terms is can and should only be declined for concrete reasons.

  4. Having said all that the fact that she could have released ALL people who were arraigned before her would have been simply part of her job.

  5. She did not deserve to lose a child.

That’s truly say, May her soul rest in peace. Also people pointing fingers at the magistrate let me tell you, no CORRUPT government official suffers in this country. It’s the honest ones that resist criminal cartels who are threatened, intimidated and even harmed in a bid to make them fall in line.

Kenya is becoming so fucked up. Naye Sonko ameshika maiti ya watoto in paperbags