Nairobi CBD

Someone somewhere please tag sonko on this thread…

Working here in Nairobi cbd imekuwa ngumu… There are scores of beggars everywhere, hawkers wameziba barabara (Tunatembea kwa lami kama gari) mathree zimepark everywhere… Hata globe roundabout they have stepped on almost all the budding trees uko… Wazimu pia ni kama wote tao… Wakora hata Sita sema. Chokosh wako hata uptown in droves… Who will save the Noble mwananchi from all this

It’s high time sonko to become strict… Otherwise hapa hakukaliki especially to a person like me who works in the(field) and not in office

nimeweka MMNN
Sonko ako huko

Until after 26 October 2017, hawataki kura ziharibiwe

hehehe nimeona!

I can relate

Too bad, hoping itakuwa better.

Just asking…unatembeza nini kwa field ama wewe ni mmoja wao?

Hawker crying foul. Can’t relate

lipia teargas na uniform

Kila mtu anatfuta unga.

na poshomill itafute nini?

Kenyans do not like organization. That CBD siendangi juu nikiimagine kutembea kwa hizo streets, napata migraine.

Pia sonko apunguze jua !

You are trying to derail the thread but the concerns raised by the OP are valid.

Sonko is a weak minded leader who only cares about being popular so I don’t ever seeing the hawkers and mats leaving Nairobi (I voted for him but I’m already regretting it).

Jana at noon, I spent 10min waiting for jam to clear at Haile Selassie’s roundabout, and up to 6 beggars came knocking. Can’t Sonko get them a place and fund it through our taxes?

Wacha team RWNBP wakupate. Utaulizwa ile time RAT alikuwa prime minister alitoa hawkers na chokora. Hata utakumbushwa vile Kidero was governor na hakufanya kitu.

I Agree. Today i couldn’t help but feel bad for the globe roundabout mess. Trees and grass have been reduced to dust.

The beggars you are complaining about are from magufuli land

Kuna wengine dim and shiny eyes wanaendanga pale Jamia kila Friday.

True, from the slums of Nairobi.