Nairobi CBD

Sonko used to own a fleet of matatus and a double decker bus on the town-Buru route. Did you pause and think about that before voting him in?

All in all sonko should insist and observe sanity… Otherwise investors will pull out one by one… However small they may be

Kitu ya kwanza I would do as governor nikirudisha all these jobless immigrants back to mashinani…nairobi is too overcrowded…

Mandago tried to relocate Eld chokoraas back to Bungoma, walirudi the next day.

Hehe lakini something has to be done watu ni wengi sana…mimi huingia cbd like once a month

To be honest most of them ni shiny eyes

@WuTang unajua Kitui village? Wengi wametoka huko.
Buda wakuomba Kwa njia I agree ni shiny eyes Na TZ imports, but the ones around Jamia mosque during prayers are Kao’s