Mzungu tells Africans the truth


Takataka ghasia colonists

And idiots like the fool above and his master sugoi who really loves to sleep with pastors and donates millions of stolen money every Sunday to keep them quiet and mislead the flock

Ukweli lakini inauma saaaana!

Anasema ukweli. But most of us do not eat at kfc, take coke, or give our kids formula. But if she is really white, she will probably die from covid if she gets it, even with tha vaccine. Eye blanket ni blanketi imechorwa macho ama nini?

But we wuz kangz n shiet

The truth

We import even toothpicks …

We need similar shosho media posts by rednecks. Bonobo lazima iamke. Fúcking apes


Bwana, ati tuna produce babies…wajameni

The African population is something that bothers white supremacists to no end. This is because they struggle to conceive. They would love nothing else but to see Africans turn into homosexuals and become extinct. Instead it is they who are gradually becoming extinct thanks to gayism and scary suicide rates.
If this woman knew how many black African women got pregnant in 2020 she would fall into a deep depression.

Why can’t you quote him. @ChifuMbitika Chief Mbuta ni wewe ndo unaongelewa

Ukweli yioteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wale wakujigamba, mimi utumiaa ochuaga kuosha meno

Leo Ndindu atalala na Saunya, Kaunda Suit na mboshori.

Mzungu can’t kill us we are their market

we are the product not their market

The population bothers them because you and your hungry, emaciated siblings will brave walking through deserts and seas to flood their clean and organised streets

Mimi hutumia organic, i process my own food and beer, mzungu angejua it is only pastors who drink their coca cola

And they are not here to exploit the wealth of Africa? You have been brainwashed thoroughly