Mzungu tells Africans the truth

it does not bother us at all

It does. They keep talking about it over and over and over to the point that Africans are now talking that way. Just remember this, children are a blessing.

so now you are a white supremacist, Uncle Ruckus? Nigger sit down.

They are better cause at least they come back and donate/assist here whereas the drunken and greedy leaders you elect dick you bila lube.

Somalis are perpetual receivers of mzungu aid. Ooh, I forgot you are an Arab.

without Africa, the world would be so ahead.

Africa here is dead weight to the world

Umemtukana tu but you have not disagreed with what she wrote… Ubonobo confirmed pap

Whites and other races have the capabilities to wipe out every black person from the face the earth if it came to that.

They have tried and tried and have not succeeded. If they couldn’t do it when Africa was less than 500 million will they succeed now that we are over a billion people? Not possible

Shes one of those poor whites who wants to relieve stress to those she thinks are below her.

Hapo kwa sensodyne made in Japan ndio amedanganya.

Ukweli kabisa :D:D ati anointing oil.

…or a random black dude race-baiting. Not sure why people take such baits when it’s clearly one.

We are good at manufacturing politics and tribalism

Hapo kwa dead rats hajasema poa


He doesn’t know it but he’s really becoming such a pain in the ass day by day. He gotta be suffering from serious inferiority complex to really believe that he belongs to another race which liathes the fuck out of them.


ukweli huuma, africans need to get their shit together


Hehee, was thinking about this population issue yesterday. Someone I know, a principal in a certain girls school, confided some shocking stats they found out concerning pregnancies among form four students. Of 150 students, 20 were confirmed pregnant and 4 were already mothers. She was concerned what the numbers will be with the others who just reported and were at home longer.

Watu wanakula young girls sana dry fry