Myth About Kenyan Women

I’m sure you’re now a marked man…ile pishori utawekewe mkikutana, hata a Rhinoceress haiwezi stahimili!

Nyinyi wenyewe mmeskia ujinga ya hawa watu
Why in a country with vibrant social life do you go to a dating site? Toka kwa nyumba enda tafuta women. This confirms what I said. These dongs look for easy lays then whine when they do and don’t find them
We’ve also read these unaccomplished low self esteem men demonize beautiful women. That they are automatically sluts because their parents had good genes . Haha, clueless.
uwesmakende naye anaambia atalipia msichana salon, alafu sleazyKenyan anaambia msichana aangalie deposit. Sasa wasichana wakikujia pesa hao ndio wabaya.
Why not be a man and say what you’ll actually do? Say, ‘I’m a broke-ass man and can’t afford to give you a better life’ Don’t disturb people

Hapa ukona point. We still have a much better social life compared to the west so no need for mgtow. Even on this forum guys check out on each other’s progress in life while also helping each other in advice and practical stuff, a connection which is now long gone in the west.

pishori nimekula thrice while naive newly employed nikiibiwa its my time for revenge for the boy child . kwanza ni vile sitaki kuwekea nyoka mchele but slay queen ikininyima kapsaa mchele kiasi si mbaya

after nimenunulia dem the whole night pombe akakuja nikamtomba , why should i be responsible for her salon adventures ? unless i have phucked on more than several occasion akakuwa my ‘girlfriend’ but mara ya kwanza thats nonsense . hata wewe @girlciki93 UKITOMBWA SI UNA ENJOY MBORO ama ? si unilipe pia as a chief feminazi

Hujui unasema nini. Read The Floods by John Ruganda ujue ilianza kitambo

I don’t give a hoot about girls. All I need now is the clarity I found in the pursuit of my own destiny. Mentioning me is like painting the wind.

kwanini ulimshow utalipa salon? Ungemshow hii maneno umeandika hapo juu

wewe ni meffi. Kata hiyo makende yako na testes utupe kwa choo. Usiwahi niinbox kuniambia ujinga

Tombwa unyamaze, ugly bitch

@girlciki93 Wewe ni malaya mzembe mwenye huna kazi. Nichukie upendavyo lakini mimi sina matiti zimeanguka, kuma inanuka na akili ilinayopunguka.

ningeruka salon ningenyimwa kuma na nisha spend karibu 6k , businesswise thats bad investment

unaongea juu ya kutomba, ushawahi tomba mtu kwa maisha yako.
Kuna msichana ashawahi kupenda ghasia wewe. Hata ulivyotaka kujiua ulikuja ktalk badala ya kumwendea mamayo

Kama uko juu hivyo zaidi mbona ulikuwa unataka kujiua.
Hiyo saltiness peleka hoteli watu wawekee chips

Kama unajali pesa hivyo si usave na utosheke na bibiye

siwes kula suKUMA daily lazima nikule pia minji

Single motherhood let’s be honest is more about men abandoning their responsibility than evil intent on the part of the woman.

Saying this in 2017, is…is…wacha tu. As my brethren from the mountain say "dige hota" (sp).

I can see there’s something you’re trying to get across but it is mired in some jaundiced view of men, polemic, and unaddressed misplaced anger.


Feel free to not answer this (no, really), but, what about women trying to trap men? What about women who just want a kid regardless of the presence or lack thereof of a father? Better yet, what of the accountability bourne by women? Like not giving a guy sex if said guy doesn’t have a condom? Or, being conscientious with pill based birth control? Oooorrr taking any one of the 13+ forms of birth control? Ooorrr abstaining?
Oooorrr…wait…what am I doing?:D:D:D

I know there are some useless dudes out there, but there are also some clueless dense chics as well. You’re sounding more & more like these so called boys you lambast.

Maybe take a break from the net for a while, aye?:wink:

Have a good one.

Haujajibu swali

Which women want to raise a kid without a father? Please show us statistics coz you seem so convinced.
You realize that birth control and female condoms have not made much inroad in Kenya as you seem to think. You realize right? You also realize the cultural perception of women who carry condoms, right? If a woman’s hand bag spilled male condoms it would be hekaya here with 10,000 likes.
You realize contraception use in Kenya is not popular right? That’s why govt & ngos give free condoms. Stop limiting your world view to your privileged background.
You realize a guy like Uwesmake who preys on disadvantaged young girls (he says he spent 6k on some girl, so…) holds alot of leeway if he says no condom tonight. You realize that, right?
But yeah sure, girls want to drop out of school because of pregnancy. You’ve completely changed my mind.

unajua mtu akikufa sexual organs ndio mwili huabandon first. It’s not that important uwesmakende that you cheat your wife & waste money