Myth About Kenyan Women

There is a myth these dry spell unaccomplished men consider true about Kenyan Women. That Kenyan Women are sluts.
This is totally not true.
First, Kenya is a conservative culture. It just does not align with what these clueless men claim. It’s impossible.
You say Kenyan women are fucking in the offices to get advancements but the facts show otherwise. All the Senior position and most supervisory position are occupied by men. So, I guess fucking around doesn’t work as you Kenyan men claim it does. Have you considered perhaps all the people getting promoted are better than you? I understand how intimidated guys can get about sexual power. Ati a woman cannot be both sharp and hot. Keep deluding yourselves.
Secondly these Kenyan men are hilarious in a bad way. They claim that at the same time women are sluts and also take you around circles to get intimate. How the fuck is that possible? I guess it’s just unaccomplished men projecting their frustration. The truth is that women don’t fuck around with everybody. That’s why most guys complain about buying drinks or trip to Naivasha without getting laid. That is why a crew of boys are sleeping with the same crew of girls. That is why young men are crowding brothels and old men try to go for the most impressionable young college girls, who barely have hips.
As for college, most of those girls are school + home girls watched closely by their parents. The reason they have fancy phones is that they favor buying fancy phones rather than changa pesa ya mzinga every weekend and bet daily. It’s simply girls being smarter than boys.
The truth dear clueless Kenyan men is that you hang around places where you want easy lays so you’ve arrived at a perception that most women are sluts. You go to a house party get women drunk, sleep with them with their reasoning and therefore consent clouded then say that is how Kenyan women are. pfft. All these young sexually frustrated men here like @Alchemist will vouch that it is not easy to get girls at their campus house party. A man like @uwesmake will agree that the reason he picks extra marital affairs at dingy joints is that he can’t really convince a sharp woman to have their pics taken for KTalk wankers.
And for the mgtowchieth and redpillmeffi men I see around here, be careful. Those are ideas coming from Western (particularly, American) men who have hit rock bottom in socialization. People don’t socialize well there now if you add frustration with the material world (which replaced their spirituality) you have lashing out as the consequences. These men are facing decline of their expectations in life and they of course have to blame someone. It’s silly to see Kenyan men who have friends, acceptable social life and support systems ata kama ni relatives start a war to condemn women.
Single motherhood let’s be honest is more about men abandoning their responsibility than evil intent on the part of the woman. Let’s be honest here. There is no slut there. Now they have to feed two people on one wage, it’s not easy that is why they can be preyed upon. It’s the same way politicians prey upon young jobless men.
The truth of the matter is that most Kenyan women are not having alot of sex, most of them are cheating after the man cheats instead of confronting him. Not that there’s a lot of men to give you good sex anyway.
Be A Man

No comment, hope you get abandoned dick along your rant

That’s a nice story, now bend over

Go to any dating website and compare how kenyan women advertise themselves compared to other countries. Many posts have the classic Ati “show appreciation with a token of 5k” bla bla bla I actually feel embarrassed.

@Mrs4thletter, leta summary.

Kenyan women are too desperate, si nyinyi mumejaa servers za dating apps

Soma post ya Hassan Lulu pale mukuru kwa zukaburga

Link please

Enda FB and follow her briefly

kuna dem very nice naive young, nilitomba some weeks back after partying . pre-coitus nikamdanganya ntamulipia pesa ya Salon , kesho yake akaniitisha pesa ya taxi nikamwambia aite uber , uber kukuom msee wa uber akasema hawezi sema the exact price to south b but akimfikisha she will call me nikasema isorait after hugging the girl , she went. she called me back saying its around 700 nikamtumia 1000 . sasa leo she called me at 1 after some lovey dovey talk she says she is at the salon and the price is 2k , i said its ok after she is done ill send the money .

saa hii hapa naona 20 missed calls . sipendi upusss apigie sponsor @amun amtumie pesa .

So much bile. Why so serious?

Kenyan women are not loose.
Which is true,

Ahsante I’m allergic to long posts, Kesho natoka county, nikuleteeko mbogoya?

You sound pretty bitter

mbitter Shiny eye. Pikia bwana yako steel wire polepole akufe urudi back to ya default settings…senji.



:DAcha kutesa girl child

Iko slay queen juzi nilivybe kidogo, after 2 days ananiambia vile anataka ‘kuhamia nyumba kubwa’
Nikamwambia aangalie deposit anipigie. Then nikamblock.mi sipendi ujinger

Between this post and the previous post iko shida mahali. Hii ni thirty something kunguru ambaye reality is setting in that her coochie ain’t worth as much as she thought. You spend your youth chasing the wrong things uzee ikiingia u start lashing out at anyone including ur female friends who are settled.