Myth About Kenyan Women

you only live once na unipeee facts on body abandoning which part si hekaya .

Ongea na watu wamekuwa Middle East. Kenyan, Ethiopian and Ugandan women wamechoma picha mbaya.

so where are you going to get a wife now that the local ones are all whores?

Sigh!..I shoulda known…I shoulda known…:smiley:

Which women want to raise a kid without a father? Please show us statistics coz you seem so convinced.

A cursory look at our social narrative shall reveal much to you…but, naturally you only generalise when it favours your narrative.

Secondly, why don’t you show us your peer reviewed statistics showing that men don’t want to be fathers?:smiley:

You also realize the cultural perception of women who carry condoms, right?

Why don’t women abstain then? You know, since they’re not sluts and all?:wink:
More importantly that doesn’t stop women from refusing sex unless a man has one.
But I’m sure you’ll come up with solipsistic hypotheticals and statistics to back that up…

If a woman’s hand bag spilled male condoms it would be hekaya here with 10,000 likes

Another pointless hypothetical…

"You realize contraception use in Kenya is not popular right? That’s why govt & ngos give free condoms."
So why don’t women require men to use them? You know, since women aren’t (baby crazy) sluts and all that.

Stop limiting your world view to your privileged background.
:D:D:D Nice! “Muh privilege”…
Why don’t you give us break from your self-righteous indignation?

“You realize a guy like Uwesmake who preys on disadvantaged young girls (he says he spent 6k on some girl, so…) :)DAnd?) holds alot of leeway if he says no condom tonight.

But I thought you profered that pure, blameless non sluts would stand by their values? You know, since women aren’t sluts and all.

But I guess privilege trumps trumps female morality any day. We’re going to hell!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D
It’s always a man’s fault. Always

"But yeah sure, girls want to drop out of school because of pregnancy."
:smiley: What the fuck? Which issue are we tackling here?! Rural pregnancy of girls of school going age? Women in general? Be specific…

You’ve completely changed my mind
It’s what I do.:smiley:

Aaaaand, I’m done.

I’m already married and I never said that all Ke women are whores but given the opportunity, women tend to dish it out more than men.

:eek::eek::eek::eek: uuuui, let us use the village as a sample…

:D:D:D Salutations Mrs. D!

gals rarely tell of their sexcapades…there4 the village cant be a good barometer

lol so you’re admitting you don’t know that women are disadvantaged in Kenya. You’re also refusing to contextualize “being a slut” as you put it.
I’m not sending you peer review nothing because you think I’m absolving women from blame when I’m talking bell curve.
It’s a fact that single motherhood is increasing in Kenya, that aludes to men not wanting to be there as fathers.
Uhmm social perception can stop you from doing things. If a woman doesn’t wear makeup it’ll affect whether she gets promotions despite her work rate. If you don’t trim and comb hair we’ll think you’re a junkie. Don’t be disingenuous.
Lol there you go again with your assertions. I’ve told you contraception use is not popular in Kenya. Two, female contraception is more expensive and three sex is a passionate exercise, it clouds rational choice. It’s stupid to say why they don’t ask for condoms. I’ve shown you the disadvantages they have even before the point of unwrapping the condom.
That is why people push for access to contraceptives not push for kuuliza kwa bedroom. That’s ridiculous.
What do you mean values? Value are for people who are materially contented. It’s largely discredited but look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
I was being sarcastic about mind change. Be sharp be quick

dish it to who? 100 men? 1000 men?

ati campus girls have more fancy phones than guys because they save


nilitoka campus last year na bado mimi hutomba campus girls, the only way a girl in Kenya can have a fancy phone and by fancy I mean simu ya 35K+ ni if ni kwao ni masonko or amenunuliwa na sponsor otherwise why do you think Tecno as a company makes insane profits in Kenya? a good chunk of their profits ni Helb Money. Umekaa majuu sana hadi you are out of touch with reality. Girls only care if the phone can take pics, support instagram and whatsapp

Bado sjaona brothel ya wanaume uku so lets call a slut a slut

But I see married female friends of mine on these “black women for white men” FB pages. Ati so and so is already a member.

Generalisation ndio inakera wanaume hapa, but you’re doing the same.

Deluded Kenyan hunnies

young girl, @girlciki93 clearly talked about college. I refer to any lady as a girl, woman, lady however I want. I don’t care if you get hurt just because you want to be referred to as a lady. You can be 30 and immature and be 17 but very mature so offer a rebuttal or forever hold your peace

Right back at you, young man…but what I was saying still stands…

it’s the same thing.
Guys use the helb money for mradi. And a girl and campus boy of similar social background, it’s the girl who has more pocket money.
If sponsors are that easy why would the majority of women look for work? Why do campus girls also go broke?

lol, let’s not even start analyzing how you come across those pages

Kwa sababu wanawake hawana hiyo njaa Kama yenu. It’s market solution to a problem