Mungikiress hufanyia Luhya men madharau sana. These are the predictable consequences of being infatuated with yello yello women from Cendro

[SIZE=7]Mulamwah and I are no longer together-Carol Sonnie says[/SIZE]

Mulamwah’s baby mama Carol Sonnie has revealed that the couple is no longer together. In a long post on her Instagram page, she said that the decision was mutual.

Read the message below;
“This is to make it clear that mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted. To mulamwa, thank you so much for letting me be part of your life for those years I appreciate sana and I’ll forever treasure the memories. In your next step in life, I wish you nothing but the best. Keep winning and God bless every step of your life. To my fans, thank you for the support and love that you’ve been showing me. May God bless each and every one of you. As I continue with this journey, allow me to be gracing your phones with amazing content and I know for sure mtapenda. Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika ugali so we MOVE FORWARD and pray for better tomorrow . Keep supporting and showing love. Kazi izidii”
Carol Sonie with Mulamwah and their daughter in the past
Image: Courtesy
This will come as a shock especially after the two became first-time parents just a few months ago. What has gone so wrong in that short time?


Bitches have figured out a quick route to Getting Paid while y’all dumb-asses is asleep. This is the game for the modern whore:

  1. Get a baby daddy and child support assurance.
  2. Get dick on the market, get paid and start some advocacy for some shit like: single women initiatives, okoa dada, etc.
  3. She can now whore as much as she likes as there’s really no incentive for a mother to feign the ‘good woman’.

Of course she did some considerations herself which include:

  1. The max net-worth of Mulamwah in the future - this is compared to other internet comedians.
  2. The greatest decision for any woman - whether to have a second child with the same guy?

Normal occurrence nowadays

The joke is on mlamwah… Yaani hata mtoto hajafungua macho na tayari amepata baba mwengine… Kijana hana bahati atauza mbaka ile shati yake ya mwisho…

The way I see it with the new law, Mulamwa won and she lost.

She can’t milk him for child support. Mulamwa will only pay what he has to i.e the bare minimum. Anything else is according to his own discretion so she won’t really benefit from his cash anyway.

Her value in the marriage market has declined by 80% by virtue of having Mulamwa’s kid.

Mulamwa 10 - Mungikiress 0

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Can’t blame the wh0re. She had already dumped this fool and he went on social media crying for her to take him back before the baby… It was all over here… She tried to help this fool dodge a bullet that he will now spend a quarter of a century paying for.

You know this guy gifted that chick 100, 000 shillings as a gift for giving birth to their child…

Huyu jamaa atatoboka proper whether the law favors men or not…

The more she rejects him, the more he digs in with desparation and simping tactics.

Basically vile @Karoga huambia bonobos hapa.

Your first two assertions are correct but the third is NOT 100% true.
Market forces are dictated by demand and supply. Back when most men viewed single-mums as second-hand sex partners, the market for these women was clearly eroded but not in the contemporary times we are in.
She can get married, divorce and hop onto the next dick as much as she wishes - this is assuming she is interested in another long-term relationship, which she isn’t anyway. She saw how close she came to losing her ability to fuck anyone she likes. She won’t make that mistake again.
The market is FLOODED WITH SIMPS and right now at this very moment some man is dinning and fwacking her good. This flood of SIMPs makes here sexual market value stay pinned at 100% and as for the marriage market value? Marriage is dead and women know this, only foolish men still believe that marriage is beneficial to a woman. We don’t have saber-tooth tigers lucking around making women need men’s protection. A woman today just needs a kid to validate her womb and then move on from there.


Courtesy of the truly yours, Amos Kimunya.

Problem is Mulamwa is in love:D.

Marriage is beneficial to a woman and you’d have to be a fool to think otherwise. Also, having a child makes a woman less desirable from a marriage standpoint and that is a fact. Her sexual value will probably stay intact, but no self-respecting guy will commit to her with a bastard in tow. Don’t forget that women aren’t actually looking to get married by simps anyway, so their availability does nothing for her. They type of men she will want will probably not be interested in having anything longterm with her.

Hapo sasa amejiingiza :D:D

Unfortunately for him, he is a simp. So hawezi saidika. But if he swallows the red pill at this point, he will have won and she will lose.

They will go to court, he gets asked to match what she puts on the table, e.g 20k, he pays, and that’s it. He will continue partying like a rockstar and paying peanuts in child support.

Meanwhile, she will be stuck with a kid, and all her other prospects will fuak her senseless before dumping her. There is a reason why single mothers are a revolving door for men. They can attract men, but no man wants to stick around and raise another man’s kid. So they just fuak her for a month and then bounce. Rinse and repeat by the time anagonga 30, ako frustrated with men :smiley:

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]20k is 20k too much for a child that will probably grow up hating the fool. The woman never liked him, leave alone loving him, she will make sure the child despises the fella to the grave, imagine paying 20k a month for 18 years = 4.3 million, of course there will be extra expenses along the way such as fees, hospital bills and other miscellaneous items.
assuming he pays 20000 per month plus 10k for other miscellaneous items, in 18 years he will pay 6.5 million.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]6.5 million you can take it now, invest, and flip it to +65 million in 18 years and get 4 better looking women that will treat you like a king and be submissive to you and do anything you want, then you can have a trust fund that the kids will get once they’re 18 and not the women.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Pombe si supu na kuma si pombe.[/SIZE]

Dude. What’s up with the ugly font?

Anyway, do you have the 6.5M upfront?? No. So hizo hekaya za sijui investing and flipping are just pipe dreams.

Wacheni ujinga, woman just scored an own goal…mulamwa amepea yeye mimba na mileage imeongezwa, she’s now a single mother. Those talking about child support you don’t know what you talking about…wacha sisi wenye watoto nje tuongee…Kenya is a jungle when it comes to application of the law, any lady getting a baby with child support in mind is in for a rude shock!..sisi hupeana what we deem is fair and justified so wacheni kelele…mulamwa is a fool yes, but here he wins outright

shida ni kupata hii 6.5m in cash for direct investment now

Very jaba type of reasoning…ati 6.5m hehehehe…you guys love theories…ground vitu no different

Alikula push gift ivo tu

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]if you can debunk what I’ve said with facts please do so without posting comments za ujuaji haziko. This fool is screwed for life and I won’t be surprised to find out you too have a bastard baby with a bastard woman[/SIZE]