Mungiki zinaua watu Kawangware

Nyumba pia zinachomwa.

ngoja ngoja papa wakuje…tulia tulia

Wameua wangapi?

A few hours late aren’t you?

Rudi kwa ile shimo umetoka. Hii story tuliongelea tukamaliza. Propaganda peleka Orange house.

Reports reaching my desk indicate that security forces wako ground na watu wameambiwa walale na wasitoke nje. This happened at 8pm as I was trying to get a local pastor out of Kawangware 56. Operation rescue pastor resumes tomorrow morning.

Enda ukunie ulale basi.

Mbisha Omera, nitume reinforcement saa hii.

Leo inakaa watu wanalala na daiper .Hakuna kojoa ulale kama wewe si team bedsitter.

Konjolea ulale…

Mwambie uko on the ground and everything is under control

From eyewitness, but fortunately that police imemwagwa kumemwagwa.

Just reported to Nairobi at 4pm.
Serikali iko imara.

why is it that every gang with pangas is classified as mungiki?

On Twitter as early as three, citizens reported Mugiki being sighted heading to kawangware.

Around 6:00P.m they started their businesses. It was reported here. There is no way police didn’t know this was hapenning. I saw several of you call it off as bluff.

So the government let goons massacre innocent subjects.

For some its all fun and laughter until its their turn…

We shall revisit!

…In preparation

As I visit the forestry department headquarters.

:):), OK afande!

they lynched someone who voted yesterday. This government is very bad