Mungiki zinaua watu Kawangware

They are the only ones who can touch pangas

It’s interesting “fake news” battalion are laughing over something this serious and that has been shared widely via videos n photos. Kiarie reported they are on the ground intervention. What was he intervening in if there wasn’t anything wrong?
Acheni upuzi bwana.

Hey Quadro, kakinuka uniambie…

Sudonim, unataka harufu ya nyama ama damu

Very good news. BTW how do these mungiki look like? I would like to reward them.

hehehehe…wueeh , I just need peace.And a warning.
No mudu areda kuria mushere agerie gukinya gwakwa.:rolleyes::slight_smile:


Really? I will assume you are being sarcastic

Haiiya hujawai jua? Machetes are an abomination , associated and used only by mungiki,

Celebrate all you want. When acting government went after human rights organizations, you jeered, when they went after the media, you supported them, last week judiciary was cowed.

It saddens me that you haven’t realised this week they have come for us when no one can speak for us.
And you are still celebrating!