Muamar Gaddafi was good for Africa will there be his re incarnation?

16 real reasons why Gaddafi was really killed…

  1. There was no electricity bill in Libya, electricity was free for its citizens.
  2. There was no interest on loans, banks were state and interest on loans for its citizens were 0 % by law.
  3. Gaddafi promised that his parents would not get a home until the last citizens in Libya had a home. Gaddafi’s father died in the tent during his reign.
  4. All newlyweds in Libya received 60.000 dinars from the government to buy their own apartment and start a family.
  5. Schooling and health care of citizens was free in Libya. Before Gaddafi the literacy of the population was only 25 %, and during his reign literacy rose to 83 %.
  6. If citizens wanted to live in the countryside, they would get a free house, land processing machines, seeds and cattle.
  7. Those who couldn’t be treated in Libya because of specific illness, the state would provide them with free treatment abroad, plus $ 2,300 for accommodation and travel.
  8. If a Libyan bought a car, the government would finance 50 % of the price of the car.
  9. Oil and gasoline price for vehicles was $ 0,14 per liter.
  10. Libya had no external debt, and its reserves were estimated at 150 billion abroad. (global banks confiscated that money and allegedly frozen)
  11. Part of Libyans could not be hired immediately after schooling was finished so the state would pay those citizens the average salary according to qualifications until they find a job in the profession.
  12. Part of the sale of Libyska oil was paid directly to the accounts of all citizens.
  13. Mother who gives birth to a child in Libya received $ 5.000 from the state.
  14. 40 loaves of bread cost 0.15 $.
  15. 25 % of Libyans had college education and diploma.
  16. Gaddafi launched the world’s largest irrigation project called ′′ BIG MAN PROJECT ", to allow water to every man in the whole desert country.

May God have mercy on the soul of the great son of Africa… #BKQHISTORY

now they regret killing him the country is currently not united

Still people were convinced he is a bad leader and they needed democracy. Is it better to go out as an economic Hitler than a fixer of lives for thankless people? Uzuri husahaulika.

Blecks are not welcomed in Libya. Huko wanageuzwa slaves. Libya was black and got Arabized.

Mngejua how North Africans hate y’all hamungekuwa mnapiga kelele hapa.

Grand Regency

Gadaffi was killed by his own people

Gadaffi was a hero

Am talking of a personality called Gaddafi not the entire Libyan population and yes whole Arab peninsula have deep dislike towards blacks.

And you think he’s not part of the group that dislikes Blacks? How naive can one be?

Im talking if gadhsfii style of leadership to his people

here are a few things you forgot to include

  1. he bombed (and accepted responsibility) Pan Am Flight 103 in Scotland, killing all 259 on board
  2. funded and backed terrorists in Ireland and other areas
  3. massacred 1200+ inmates execution style after a prison riot broke out in Abu Salim prison
  4. killed political opponents
  5. Backed and armed rebels in Chad, prolonging the civil war
    6) fired into unarmed crowds killing hundreds to thousands of protesters to crash disent during the Arab spring, which caused the uprising to spread countrywide and rebels took control of major regions of the country, ultimately leading with the collapse of his regime

The Libyan people ousted and killed Gaddafi, with some air assistance from NATO

Hii huwa propaganda unaweza fikiri mkenya alikaa tripoli akajionea hii mambo.

William Ruto is the hyped Gaddafi reincarnate.

Hàkuna free lanye. Meffi yeye

If another gadaffi came along, probably akina @Simiyu22 and his ilk will have nato bomb him again. And again. Do not underestimate the affinity of the white man from certain nyeuthis.

Your average gadafi supporter that calls him pan-Africanist doesn’t know that the very guy was behind civil wars in a good number of African countries.

Anyone who idolize that Arab bugger is a prime retard that should be exterminated from the face of Earth!

And you think his style of leadership is one to be emulated? How old are you?

The things I sometimes come across in this forum is sickening.
You really, really don’t see anything wrong with what was done to him?

You probably also are feeling for Ukraine and zelenskyy

I’m very surprised that people don’t know that the Arab Spring was another CIA masterclass.