Moving to The UK

Hi Folks,
My wife was given a scholarship to study PHD and as a married guy, I have been granted a visa to accompany her. She will be studying at Leeds University.
For those who have been to the UK, am braced for the cold weather and the flat assed women. My main concern ni jobs. What sort of jobs are available? I don’t intend to change diapers of disabled or old people, so that’s out of question.
How is life generally in The UK? am not going as a pauper, as i can finance my stay without working there for up to 12 months. But i need to keep myself busy while earning. What advice would you give me?

Your wife has a brilliant mind, Some of our wives can only be sponsored to study at Shida Mingi Village polytechnics.


First of all, does the visa allow you to work?
some visa allows you to accompany your wife but not to work.

The UK needs a lot of workers though, they fucked up doing the Brexit thing.

You should consider trying out for a Premier League side like Arsenal or West Ham

what are your qualifications?


Don’t follow her. Wewe kaa huku otherwise utakuwa house husband.

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If you dont have a work resident permit be prepared to sit at home watching tv the whole day:D

Go they and wash cars, collect garbage, clean backyard, trim fences. in fact these jobs I have mentioned will pay you almost like a Kenyan MCA

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I know a guy who did this. He was the junior partner in the relationship and she had a high flying corporate job. So when she was posted to UK. alifuata. Kazi yake ilihkua kukaa kwa nyumba na ku payukapayuka face book. But he accepted his situation as the junior partner in the relationship since he would be a pauper without her

Dont follow your wife especially if it means living under her shadow. Bakia huku ukisukumana na maisha and only be going there to occasionally visit her.


Huyo bibi si wako tena, either you go together or be left behind. Pole lakini

Forrowing. :smiley:

Going there too next week for work…spouse visa you can work anywhere, sio kama yangu skilled visa. Kuna jobs mob sana, from skilled to unskilled. Utafanya packaging ya kina amazon, hotel jobs etc…for skilled jobs ziko mob sana…got 5 jobs mimi nikachoose nataka gani… I have many friends there so I can tell you…life is generally good, people mind their business, weather is good generally but Leeds get snow unlike London, Leeds is cheap…Also, umepata visa? Walisema watareduce dependancy visas from this month
Forgot to add–a friend ako Glasgow na spouse visa. yeye hana kazi bibi ako under skilled visa. Kazi ya ndume ni kupost picha tu kama fala. That marriage might not last. Nilimshow atafte kazi ya kuflip burgers akitafta job


Spouse visa you can work, student visa ni 15 ama 20 hours per week…dependent visa likewise

Also hit me up when you are around London twende pub…also, tutakuwa tukiorganize schengen travles, stadium visits etc…so if you are in to that. Will need money though, guess utaomba bibi

I really sympathise with you. How old is she? And how far are you in your career such that you are willing to follow her…remember she’s just on a PhD scholarship…do you guys have kids?
Well, I was in a similar situation…I finished my studies a year before my wife finished hers but I decided to leave her there nikarudi kuchapa job…I visited her thrice that year…and on the third visit nikapeleka lobola kwao na nikapeleka yeye holiday ya one month nikamake sure nimeacha yeye na mimba ndio nikarudi… If I were you I would also apply for either an MA or a PhD over there…or anywhere in Europe esp Germany ama hata hapo tu Scotland…ikiumana enda Scandinavian countries bit I highly suspect spousal visa you can still work…kua janitor hio college ameenda…but don’t let her go to Europe alone if she’s still in her 20s…but if she’s late 30s to 40s wacha aende wewe baki ukichapa kazi na kukula vitu fresh hapa kangemi.

Heshimu phd boss…phd UK inakupea Highly skilled visa yenye sio pegged na any employer

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Bibi ndio anaendea phd sio yeye

Hope u have a solid wife coz I’ve seen this movie before. Uzuri uk iko karibu so don’t cut ur ties to Kenya. On career be ready to get out ur comfort zone.