Moving to The UK

Why not stay in Kenya and visit her for at least 3 times every year?

Flight tickets 3 times a year, approximately 500k, logistics, small visits here and there total say 650k. 5000 pounds. Hiyo ni shopping ya food for the whole year for a family of 2. Si heri aende huko tu?

What are your qualifications? I have an accountant rela whose wife got a PhD scholarship in Lancaster University some 7 years ago. They had small kids so guy quit and they emigrated, the scholarship came with some stipend for maintenance. They are doing very well, she finished school and is teaching in a UK university. The guy got an accounting job.

There are many unmarried women here


Hahaha inaitwa Stay at home dad kama ile simp @Demakuvu .

Congratulations to your wife,kama hamna baggage nenda,try getting a mboka there

I wish you all the best vyenye mtaamua

O.P amesema anaeza iishi U.K for 12 months bila kufanya job. So I think he can afford it.

Maybe twice a year would be reasonable. Yeye anaenda huko alafu bibi anakuja Kenya.

Or he could stay there for 6 months to find new opportunities, and come back to Kenya for 6 months.

If he finds a good job that he can work remotely, he can kill two birds with one stone.

Sometimes staying a while without seeing your wife will give you a different perspective of life. Problem is, women don’t like staying alone. Wanapenda emotional na financial support.

Only follow her if you’re able to work. Diaspora relationship dynamics are a bit different from African ones. Women are more empowered by society as well as financially. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re not the main breadwinner, but also have to rely on her for your basic needs, heshima kiasi itaisha kwa ndoa. If you’re able to work, weigh what your career options are there, yes you might earn more in that period of being abroad, but is it worth the opportunity cost of 1 - 2 yrs lost in an environment where you’re already thriving? Also, if the period is 1 - 2 years and then arudi, just stay and visit on occasion.

I would be hesitant about moving to the UK because of their shaky economy. Being a PhD student means all her free time will be spent on studies etc. Like others have said, strongly consider staying behind and observing job/economy trends before uprooting your family into the unknown. You can do frequent 4 day weekend trips interspersed by quarterly holidays since it’s only a 7 hour flight to Nbi. Once she has stabilized then you can decide on something more permanent.

Must be Nice

Big mistake you’re about to make pal!

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Not a good idea to separate with your wife, especially to a first world. 95% of such agreements end up in failed marriages. And it ends horribly. You start to get stories of your wife’s bed having a human heater months after subtle changes in her communication to you.It’s obvious they have been planning this, she didn’t just get a offer out of nowhere. As long as a spouse is leaving for more than a year, it’s best to move with them.

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:oops: Buda. Man jester is cold from August to April. Miserable weather. You have 3 months of life without a coat or over garment.

Costs are astronomical.

I think it all comes to where you are in life, your career, ambitions and family and since you have not mentioned any of that I would assume none of that matters or exists for you, and if that is the case you have freedom and time on your side, tembea dunia, go discover new or rather normal things out there.

Boss,august ni summer mbayaaa…winter huanza around nov to march…so sijui unasema nini

Thanks folks for you advice.
I made up my mind, i am going. Shes 30. Am 34. With no kids.
I am looking at this as opportunity to empower myself as well. At 34, I have what it takes to make it anywhere, or so I believe.
I heard truckers get paid well, so do truck owners.
I may have to venture along this route, having a small car or 7 tone truck for deliveries. I have the money, so buying it 3-4 months after i land in the UK is fairly reasonable.
I intend to work for between 12-16 hours a day.

congrats bro. All the best. Once i land, we will make plans tuchanuane.

Closely following with my spouse @Finest wine

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Every case is different, at your age you have more to gain by going. But for a person who is established in career it is a waste, a family ought to stick together even if it means sacrificing some of those kind of opportunities.

What’s your educational background if you don’t mind the question?