Mombasa Tour Turns Tragic

Seven KCPE candidates die while swimming in Diani.
Seven pupils died after being swept by waves at Bidi Badu beach in Diani on Wednesday.

The pupils, aged between 13 and 15, were swimming in the Indian Ocean when the tragedy occurred at around 4 pm.

They were among 56 students of St Martins Primary School in Kahuro, Murang’a county, who arrived in Mombasa on Monday for a six-day tour.

Their bodies were retrieved by Kenya Red Cross Society and Kenya Navy divers in the evening, said Regional police commander Robert Kitur.

KRCS programme officer Mohammed Said said they rushed to the scene after they were alerted by Bidi Badu restaurant management.

Parents gathered at Pandya Memorial Hospital mortuary to identify the bodies on Thursday morning.

One said of her son; “I can’t describe him, he was very bright and disciplined. His dream was to be a pilot.”

Human rights group Haki Afrika and Catholic church leaders are among those who have set up tents to provide counseling.

Headteacher Peter Mwangi said the pupils, who were to sit KCPE exams this year, were dutiful.

“I have lost my dearest, they were the best in class,” he said.

Governor Mwangi Wairia sent condolences via Twitter, while Kwale’s Salim Mvurya visited the scene and consoled survivors on Wednesday.

Mvurya urged caution saying tides are always high in the afternoons making it dangerous for swimmers.

Ukija Mombasa and you dont know how to swim ask for swimming teachers and life guards especially if you have kids, Hii maji sio mcezo ata saa zile hakuna high winds and waves.
i feel for those families.


It will take the bereaved years to come in terms with the loss.Sad story indeed.Thats why i dont like my daughter going for those trips i have to be there.

tragic sana

What a needless waste! I always feel horrified when I see those tourists from upcountry dipping at Fort Jesus! :eek::eek::eek: Even the most experienced fear that part of the ocean. This was bound to happen any time and it’s only by miracle it doesn’t happen often! God bless their innocent souls!


why is that point dangerous?

The Jagged coral reef and the sewage from town flows in at this point. Ive seen many a horrible injury from this rocks


Sewage ya Mombasa humwagwa kwa ocean :eek: sirudi huko tena


and the current is usually strong though the sea looks calm and tempting

Been like that since time immemorial,

My condolences to the bereaved. Sad day for my former school. Ironically, when i was there, school trips were unheard of save for the annual prize giving day in the nearby town of Murang’a. It was a very strict Catholic school run by one Brother Martin. Clearly, things have changed over time. But all the same, its sad to have lost such young, bright souls.

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waaah this is so sad

Poleni kwa wahasiriwa

Hi @muzombozi
Good to see your contribution here. Good job you are doing on the other side. (union of Genius). Endelea hivo hivo mkiwa na @Meria Mata na Daktari.:slight_smile:


Huko ndio wapi namimi nihamie

Ongea na hao wazito vipoa.:wink:

Sad. It is the best Primary school in Murang’a


Good for fish and Marine life.

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Na son wa Martha Karua pia.

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It seems like they declined the services of local life guards and instead used their own life guards, presumably employed by the school.

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The beach boys advised those boys not to swim but they never listened.

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