Mombasa Tour Turns Tragic

wooishe…i feel for the parents…wa wa…its news like this that makes most parents want to lock their kids in the hse…

maji ya bahari sio mcheco…the under water waves hukuja bila warning…


Yenyewe beach za south coast hua na very big waves, guys are usually warned that bahali imechafuka usingie kuoga

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Haiya, na huko na pale mwisho wa lami na forty thieves ndio nilijifunzia kupiga mbizi, tulikuwa tunachukulia waves hivi hivi kumbe ni serious

For guys who are seeing a beach for the first time those areas are a no no, thats why i recommend pirates coz theres always a huge crowd of people and the waves in north coast are smaller and less wild.

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Its my former school too and as you correctly put it Nigini under Brother martin was more of a prison camp than a school and is one of the reasons I have sworn that I will never take my children to boarding schools. I still shudder when I hear of that name.

It must be very painful for the families of the departed and may they RIP.


Since time immemorial. Nenda Lamu pia ujionee.

I can see I have dudes that schooled in a school that made me who I am. St. Martin was a military camp but to say the least, Br. Martin was one sadistic person who spoke kiuk to some of us who didn’t speak nor understand the tongue. Television nilikua naona home. I remember 9/11 came and went we came to knw of it when we went home.
Akina monkey and all non believers would have committed suicide as it was all books and Catholic stuff…
I can attest Br. Martin made me what I am. But then I again wouldn’t like that life ever again again.

So would you wish the same life for your children??? I think I would have probably been the same person or even better if I hadn’t gone through St Martin.

I wouldn’t regret ma passing through Bro Martins hands but wouldn’t wish the same to ma son…