Moha Jicho Pevu Ndani ya Jubilee

After constant harassment by Joho without any intervention from Raila, punda amechoka.
Moha Jicho Pevu today joined Uhuru and Ruto on their Nyali campaign rally.
Though Moha is independent, he still had promised his allegiance to Baba.

At this rate, I think Raila himself will defect to Jubilee.
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Niaje Kennedy Maina wa Kamanda?

TMT ameenda london ama bado? ni wapi alitoea itinerary yake?

eish hata mimi sasa nimerudi Jubilee fully . but niko nyuma ya Uhuru tuu apan tambua Ruto

rondon anaenda kesho arudi friday.

Jubilee Defection Fund ni tamu sana according to Baba

Being forced to eat a humble pie, Joho will be next to join

We will not allow it.

At this rate, Ida will join Jubilee

Some things were/are bound to happen??!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

NASA which is really just an extension of ODM is a sinking ship… Yaani Babu Chupi and his supporters still have hope of winning this thing???


I don’t like the sewer rat, he’s been throwing mud constantly at Jubilee and working for babuon for all those past 5 years. I remember all the garbage he’s been spewing forth on his radio jambo show and his jicho pevu program.
How fast things change?

You forget uhuru joined hands with raila to fight kibaki for five years?

Issues are being revisited. And fixed…

Someone told Hassan Omar yesterday that he had graduated from activism to politics.
The script followed by every politician in Kenya is the same. Never get surprised by anything.


And a Kenyan reacts, hehehe!

And you already started a thread about it?
@Chifu ingia inbox nikupashe

Aliambiwa na akina mama aonyeshe bwanake chupi kisawasawa ili awache kuangalia chupi za wasichana wa rika ya wajukuu wake!!!

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Punda ametanda mawingu yamechoka