Moha Jicho Pevu Ndani ya Jubilee

At this rate Lupita Nyongo will join Jubilee

I am not sure I welcome the pest too. Not the case at all. Some people should be shut out out of our party. We ain’t desperados. At this rate Nyakundi might be our hommie.


Kazi kwako Moha sasa fanya upekuzi utuambie nini iko kwa server…

Nyakundi we will return to sender.

Even this one should be RTSed.

He has not joined Jubilee. It’s just that his interest and Jubilee’s are alligned at the moment. i.e. to fight Joho.
Characters like Jicho Pevu and Raila thrive in opposing. He will be back at it very soon in parliament.

Utaskia NyAnSArites wakisema ati Jicho Pevu’s defection will have zero impact & it will add no votes!!..Erm, burying their heads in the sand has become a favourite pastime next to their stone throwing and chupi displaying sub-culture!

oooh wonders of the chupitanic

All garbage are heading to jupilii to creat havoc at the right time ! Currently we don’t have opposition.

Gotcha. Not vvv clued on in all matters Kenyan politics.

i agree hapa ngoja kitu 2020 uanze kusikia ooh pia sisi tunataka kuwa raisi sio Ruto tuu anaeza wania urais oooh oooh ooh

He has not defected.

Karibu ango

Defected from where to where? He is an independent MP. But why was he there today?

Sawa sawa, Bro. Ikiwa hiyo ni consolation, it’s alright!!!

Hivo hivo, Hadi by endmonth tukue single party state

Apan tambua alshababa. RWNEBP!

Moha alikuwa hapo as the area mp,moha can’t join to either side…kama uko na his contacts confirm from him personally.

True, he’s not joined Jubilee, all he did was host the Jubilee rally as Nyali MP, Moha is exhibiting very mature politics though.

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