MMNN-hii story ya Bobmil

Security Report: 0420hrs

Fatal shooting incident at a home on General Mathenge Road/ Peponi Road. Asian victim.
@Meria Mata nimetoa hii pale telegram ya MMNN.
I heard a son of Bobmil birrionaire was shot dead by police. Please fafanua coz I know one.

Not right at all. You raid someones home at three am, if I am armed, I will defend myself. Too much insecurity around, and unfortunately end up dead.

hio ndivyo wangefanya kwa wanjigi Kesi baadaye

Hiyo story iko vague sana

Police don’t just raid a home, especially kwa billionaire. If they did it’s because they knew exactly why and why particularly that time. I’m sure those billionaires have guns, there’s a reason they did not suspect they were being raided by thugs to defend themselves.
All I’m saying is you don’t kill a billionaires son without a reason.

Expect babuon there in a few…

I dont think its right to always be in a rush to rationalise murder. Death is so final

Our police are inexperienced. What with the unspecified search! The police chief in the area had no idea on the shooting.

Hii ndio tunaita brutality.

Na American cops utasemaje juu yao? Are they also inexperienced? Kuurisa tu…

that guy really fucked your ass hard…pole

In this case are we allowed to say… amejua hajui??

I’m sure it was not the police who shot the guy. It must have been Nasa militia trying to make the Indian community hate the government.

Along with others He must have held violent demonstrations againist IEBC, along with looting in business community enterprises.

Else, how do you explain it when police wake you up at 3:00 a.m to kill you infront of your family,wife and kids with no search warranty whatsoever.

Then after you are dead they start investigations.

This is standard police modus operandi the world over. Some are even unlucky enough to be shot dead and buried with zero investigations whatever.

If they are bold enough to raid a home, why don’t they stand by the truth and acknowledge that they did the shooting and explain why. How does a legal security organ just shoot a man dead and then flee if there was any geniune reason to be there in the first place.

Mathighs tafasali stop. You aint making no sense … ama bora uonekane umepost

post complete

But I had already stopped, I wasn’t going to continue with the same line of argument.

As soon as you pick up a gun, you accept the risk that you might die first. Just pointing that out…just because you are defending yourself doesn’t mean you’ll win.